I need a raise, an accountant, and bill people to step off.

This month is seriously kicking my ass.

We were not in good financial shape before we made that trip to FL, but I knew it wasn't optional. We needed the time away and we needed to see the g-parents.  But it's made it very very hard to get back on track.. and things just seem to keep getting worse. If we'd stayed home that week and not spent any extra money, we'd probably have been ok. That's one of the things that niggles at me.

This month's house payment was due on July 1st with a free period up til the 5th. Now it's the 13th and I still don't have it, but at least I did get June's paid off.  Two bill collectors came to the door today.  I seriously hate that, but I understand they want their precious money. I gave the one loan company a check, and the electric bill dude got the $100 bill I had left from a cash advance I had to get, and a check for the rest of it. I wish I'd just written a check for the whole thing cause I need the cash to get my husband's new prescription that had to be called in today.  Due to the meds he's taking for the condition he got in Florida, he's now developed another condition which needs treatment. but it'll have to wait til I get paid Friday. 

So yeah I get paid Friday, and the check will be missing 2 days due to not having enough vacation to cover all 4 days I was off, but it does have July4th holiday pay so that's something. And Christopher gets paid Saturday. I really dislike when we get paid on the same weeks. It happens about half the year due to me being paid on the 1st and 15th and his being paid every two weeks.  It makes it really kind of a challenge to do a budget. Not like we stick to them anyway.  SIGH.

So, out of these two paychecks, I have to pay a house payment, two car payments cause we're behind and they sent a repo warning, cover the checks to electric and the loan people, cover a charge to my paypal account for gas that didn't go thru at the bank, cover the car insurance that bounced once and I hope they don't represent til tomorrow(Thur) when the check actually hits the bank, cover autodrafts to two bills that I set up payments to so they wouldn't take us to court, get groceries for 5 people for 2 weeks, gas for the Explorer so my husband can get to work for 2 weeks and to our family reunion an hour away, a birthday present for my soon to be 15 yr old (on 23rd).  Oh also, internet bill so I can keep going to work, and the cash advance fees (and pray they let us rewrite cause we are already 2 weeks behind from the last ones. )

On top of this, we still just have a mini fridge and I can't stock it with inexpensive stuff all at once cause it won't hold anything. Half gallons of milk are expensive.  If we didn't have the $500 house payment to make, we'd be ok mostly. We even found a 7 month old fridge the guy was willing to sell for $100, but we couldn't come up with the money.

We did manage to make a deal with some friends of ours who need a vehicle and we need money, so we're selling them our truck, but they need to make payments and can't even put a down payment down til the 3rd of August. And hubby agreed to just $100 as a down payment. But at least we'll have (in theory) $100 coming in extra each month for 6-7 months til they pay it off.  That'll just cover the loan payments for the loan we just took out to try to make the house payment, but all it did was make it a little easier to make it through this week. Well it did cover a few things that would have taken us way past the over draft amount and more things would have bounced which is very very bad.

I think... and I hate to have to do this... that we'll have to wait and not get my daughter's gift til the 30th when we get paid again. But I'll make her an appt to get her hair cut (she wants it like Emma Watson has hers now - the girl who plays Hermione Grainger).  Super short, and I might even allow her to get highlights in it. We'll get that done on the 30th and get her the high heels she wants from Rue21 and a really good art set from Michaels. She's an amazing artist and really needs professional quality tools.

Just one more month into the budget it looks like we'll be fine. I just hate having to tighten the belt in the summer time when everyone has birthdays and the kids are home and have nothing to eat but ramen and pot pies. I REALLY wish my husband was one of those types who was obsessive about the money and making sure things were paid and savings were saved, and all that... I hate controlling men, but I swear, having a partner who just doesn't care and never wants to even look at the checkbook or bank website, is so frustrating when you can barely do it yourself.  I'm not blaming him for this mess.  I know it was my fault and just plain bad luck, but sometimes I wish I could just go carefree through life and never look at a check book or check the bank balance and hope something doesn't show up til the next day... Maybe someday we'll be to a place where we won't live paycheck to (almost to the next) paycheck.  I know I've blogged about it alot and I swore this year would be THE YEAR.  We were on track to get out of debt and get the emergency fund established and start saving that 6 months salary...

I do hope if you are into prayer, you'll remember us - not for me and my husband, but for my kids... Back to school is soon and I'm worried.

Also, if anyone felt so inclined to help out, my paypal address is tncampbells@gmail.com   heh.  Hey never hurts to ask, right?  I lost my pride about 2 bankruptcies back...

You all have a fabulous day!!