Dry Erase Board and Daily Tasks - and Garbage Bandits

Now that school has started, I am retiring the rotating list that was posted on the fridge door.  We'll probably use it again on school breaks when they're out for 3-5 days at a time or more.

For now, I'm using a big dry erase board that wasn't being used really for anything. I have it hanging in the kitchen right over the old table/prep space.

I've listed the things that really need to be done daily in the middle. Then I have a Mom's To Do list, and then I've made a space for each of the rest of them. And at the top, I can add any special notices, like if it's school picture day, or field trip day or just SATURDAY!

I have actually done more of my list.  I just didn't mark it off yet.
It's messy and not great to look at in the kitchen, but it works.  And right now, that's what matters to me.  When a job gets done, they (and I) are supposed to mark it off the list by just drawing a line through it. Having the master daily list in the middle makes it easy to see what I need to assign to each person and what's been missed. Even Christopher doesn't seem to mind having something to do on the list. He did see first hand how putting off chores can affect things later in the day.  It's hard to make dinner and keep the kitchen clean as you go when the dishwasher is full of clean dishes and the trash can is overflowing.

And since I was talking about trash in my last post, here's three very good reasons why we can't just pile trash bags on the back porch...

Took this one last night. They're attacking a pan of burnt brownies. 

Ok, here's what my list actually looks like as of 7:30pm Saturday evening.

Tonight is our second date night.  I love when we have both Friday and Saturday nights free to watch movies and make popcorn. I just hope I can stay awake through the movies.  My shoulder joint has been killing me and it's made work hard all week and it's almost impossible to sleep, so I am so sleeeeeeppppyyyyy. *yawn*.

I pick up stuff in the master bathroom floor after Christopher's gone to bed so I get all of his clothes. I'll pick up the living room after date night and pack his lunch as well.  As for keeping the house picked up, it's just a matter of making sure the kids remember to pick up after themselves and gather dishes right after dinner. Rhiannon still hasn't vacuumed and it's after 7:30pm. I think I need to light a fire under her butt haha.

Well, I've been putting off folding and hanging the clothes and blankets in the chair in bedroom for a week now.  Time to take care of Mt Washmore!

Hope you're all having a great weekend!

PS. If anyone is having trouble leaving a comment and can't comment to tell me (go figure), holler at me in an email.  pattyann.campbell AT gmail.com Thanks!
PPS: Thanks for all the comments lately everyone!!  They make my day!

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