Feeling Lazy

I finally had my normal 2 nights off in a row this weekend.  I've been working a lot of overtime, so was only getting one night off a week.  I think that finally caught up with me.  This weekend, I've actually been busier running Christopher to work, then taking kids to activities, grocery shopping, plus taking care of the house... but I've not really been able to get much sleep.

Tonight, my kitchen is not clean.  It does bother me quite a bit, but I'm just too doggone tired to fix it tonight. I'm posting this then heading to bed. It'll be a very early "night" for me compared to my normal schedule. Tomorrow, after a proper sleep, hopefully I'll awaken ready to tackle that kitchen and living room (also a mess), as well as do a few loads of laundry (I've been totally caught up and just running a load now and then all week, it's been heavenly!).  Then it's back to making dinner (well I do that every day anyway), and going to work, then cleaning up after dinner on my breaks, rebooting laundry, packing lunches, making breakfast, cleaning up the kitchen, mopping the floor, ...the usual.

But tonight, I got to bed without a shining sink and spotless counters...  and that's OK.

PS.  Hope everyone on the east coast is alright tonight!

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