Happy Birthday to My Honey

My dear beloved husband Christopher is 41 today.  I am pretty sure he's none too happy about it.  I've been 41 for about 5 weeks now, and it's really not too bad, so I think he'll be okay.

We met when we were 17, though I had known about him for a year before.  He transferred to my highschool at the beginning of our junior year. Poor guy was a fish out of water.

Christopher age 16 with his Mom

We became best friends our senior year and even went to the prom together.  I was totally smitten with him, but he took another 4 years to come around hehe.
Lordy, we looked like kids.

Christopher has been such an amazing father, which is weird since he never wanted kids when he was younger. But once he held Corina for the first time, that was it.  He was in love and wants more babies.  I made him stop at 4 LOL.

Christopher with Corina. Probably around 1996.

Corina on the left, Christopher is holding Rhiannon and Faelyn in stroller

Holding Zoe

Swimming with Zoe. He swims like a fish and has taught the girls well. 

Rhiannon's 8th Grade Dance

I just adore him, and I hope he knows it.

Corina's High School Graduation Night
October 2009 trip to Florida to visit his Grandparents

Playing cribbage with his grandpa

Getting a hug from his grandma before we went back to Tennessee.

Happy Birthday to my gorgeous, wonderful, loving, awesome husband.  I LOVE YOU HONEY!!!

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