Just a few things.

It's early Friday morning. I've been off work nearly 3 hours. I've packed Hubby's and the girls' lunches for the second day. A great side benefit of this is that I clean up after myself when I make the lunches, which basically means I clean my whole kitchen before heading to bed. I even unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher and ...GASP,... SHINED MY SINK! Yeah it had been a while since that happened. We had the timing off with the dishwasher so there always seemed to be dirty dishes in the sink when I went to bed, but not this time!

Dixie is NOT house trained and even though I take her outside all the time and I have FOUR puppy pads down, she goes NEXT TO THEM. sigh... at least she's a little dog, but still ewwww. MUST get rid of carpet soon!!

(This part is just a rant really feel free to skip this big block of text lol)
My oldest daughter's fiancee quit his job as a waiter because he couldn't deal with people and got no tips (go figure), but didn't have another job lined up first. So she's working 36-40 hours a week as a waitress to pay all the bills and buy food and gas and cigarettes (oh don't get me started). They both keep making excuses for why he's not working but I'm like whatever! He couldn't even stay at their place during the day and keep their dog and train it and let it out etc because ... get this... he heard voices and was seeing things so has to go spend the day at his parents' house if my daughter isn't home. I know it's very tacky for me to write about this on a blog, but she doesn't read it and it would be different if I respected the guy. He took my baby away and I lost out on her senior prom and her senior year and got her to drop out of college. Oh she still lived at home during all that, but she was never really here. And she sure as hell never spent time with me or the family. If she was home, all she'd do was complain that we did nothing but yell... whatever. Hmmm yeah a little bitter there huh? ANYWAY I wanted to say my daughter got her papers together and went to the food stamp office, so they'll get some help that way. God I remember when we were on them, and it REALLY feels like yesterday. We had one vehicle (have most of our marriage) and Christopher worked and went to school back when we first got married and I was pregnant with Corina. I don't know if they're trained to make you feel like a second class citizen or if it was just my worker, but OMG did I HATE going to those meetings. Over the years we were on them maybe 3 different times. It's set up so if you rely on them, you're stuck, because if you make 1 dollar too much, they're all gone... but you don't make as much as they were giving you... so you're actually worse off. It's no wonder people can't get off of them, there's no incentive. We were always afraid my husband was going to get a raise because it would make him go over the limit and we'd stop getting the $300 a month we were getting for food... but see if he did get the raise, it would have been like maybe $100 so we'd end up with $200 less than before he got the raise. But yea anyway, I'd take Corina in her carrier.. then when she was older and I had the two middle ones, I'd have to take them and OMG those were the worst. They were 18 months apart and hated each other and fought like cats and dogs, and Rhiannon was a PITA screaming and throwing temper tantrums. I'd bring them things to play with and read and snacks. I'd try to prepare them and myself for having to sit while the case worker went painstakingly slowly over each page and check and everything. Constantly giving me and my girls dirty looks. Ok yeah my kids could be loud and annoying, but NO ONE looks down on MY children. Did I mention this blog is excellent therapy. HAha.
End Rant, thank you.

My Uncle Frankie died a couple days ago and the receiving of friends and family is tonight (Friday). Unfortunately it's the night I agreed to fill in and work and so got Monday night off work instead.  So I've had to let work know I'll be late.  It's from 5-7, but Hubby doesn't get off work til 5 and then has to come home and change, then we have to drive an hour to get there. I want to stay a respectable amount of time with family and see people I've not seen in forever. Then an hour back. Not the best way to start a work shift, especially when it's one of the busiest weekends of the year for my company.

This is tax free shopping weekend for back to school stuff. But I won't get a chance to go get the stuff on the lists til tomorrow (Saturday) and by then it'll all be gone, it happens every time.  I'm not even sure I'm going to have enough to get everything and have gas to drive back to to the funeral home and back, and we're still a week away from the next paychecks.

I'm torn between wanting and needing to sell the pickup truck, and wanting to just keep it.  It did drive great before this latest thing messed up, which my brother thinks is a simple fix and won't actually cost too much. And it's good to have two vehicles. I also have no idea what we should do with our Safari. The transmission is shot and the sliding door and back doors don't work, but the engine is good and it has tons of space.  UGH.  Do I fix it, do I trash it... if I get rid of it, how do I even find someone who'll take it and give me a decent price. It's currently this giant green driveway ornament reminding us constantly of how unlucky we are. We kept it serviced, we loved that van... but the doors had to go and mess up on us,.. and then the transmission.. as soon as we'd paid it off too.  And it's old, it's a 93. Big green pile of metal and comfortable seats.

In better news I guess...  I no longer have dirty laundry all over the floor of my laundry room.  That's a big thing for me right now.  Things got bad when I got down recently.  I do still have a big pile of clean clothes in a chair in my bedroom I HAVE to fold and hang and get out of here. I really hate folding clothes. I've been doing at least one load a day. I even have two of the three sorter bags empty. Of course, the girls' rooms and bathrooms have hampers that are probably full, but hopefully I can get the laundry room all caught up and done and then call for people to bring me more hampers.  I can usually sort everything from 2-3 hampers into the sorter and keep the floor clear and put the hampers back in their rooms. I just can't let it get that bad again. It made my skin crawl to walk on the dirty clothes to get to the washer. I used to live like that in the old trailer in my Pre-Flylady days.  ... Oh those were dark days and I am not going back to that.  Have to keep laundry caught up. :)

Oh and we have been harvesting tons of tomatoes from our little raised bed garden! We had enough to make sandwiches with them and tomato biscuits, then later on a taco salad and two big garden salads as well. In fact today Hubby is taking leftovers from last night for lunch plus a container of sliced yellow tomatoes. SO yummy!  We should have big bell peppers soon too, but Hubby said they looked like a bug had gotten to them when he looked at them, so I'll have to go check later today (maybe I'll go out before I head to bed, the sun is up now.) Last I looked, we had at least one mini eggplant and the cucumber plants had rebounded from almost all dying off and were thriving and blooming. Don't know if there's time to actually grow any cukes, but I hope so.

Well, that's it for my rambling today.  If you made it this far, I'm sorry LOL!  Sometimes my blog is just my own personal therapy so I can get stuff off my chest for a bit.

Hope y'all have a great weekend!!