A new addition.

Look at what's now right behind my desk chair whenever I'm sitting here...

Her name is Dixie.

I know, I know.. like we need another mouth to feed.

Corina, my oldest daughter, had adopted her from some guy at a flea market and not thought to ask age or what the parents were or anything. She looks like a mix of hound and terrier. Anyway, they just couldn't deal with house-training a puppy, so they had to get rid of her. They had her 2 months, and if she was 2-3 months when they got her, then she's 4-5 months old now.  She's still smaller than Micky, our cheagle. Our lard butt cat Porchie is like twice her size. So, I'm hoping she stays small. My husband already adores her, but is annoyed at her habit of staying under your feet. We put her out when the other dogs ask to go out. We've caught her starting to go pee on the carpet twice and immediately took her out back. We have pee pads on the floor in places, but seriously do any dogs ever use those?

One cute quirk we've found is that she's a collector.

That bed was empty last night. I found the monkey and care bear in it this morning along with a hand-knitted fuzzy shawl of Rhiannon's.  I assumed Zoe put them there, so I took them out and put the shawl to be washed. And as I've sat here over the last hour, Dixie has carried all of these things back in here and added them to her nest and lays on them. At least I know the first place to look if something goes missing.