I am really anxious to get an account on Pinterest. If you're reading this and happen to have some invitations, PLEASE send me one to

***EDIT***:  I have been sent and invitaion and am now in.  can't wait to check it out after I go grocery shopping.  YAY!  Thanks Denise and Melissa!!  Y'all rock!  Oh btw my username on there is ChaoticPatty but I've not done anything to it yet.  Soon!


If you're not on it,  check it out.  Such awesome stuff (it's kind of like Tumblr but I think it's geared toward homemakers, decorators and mombloggers mostly.)

Like this image for instance:

or this one

This blog has a great article on it: Petit Elefant

I neeeeeeed an INVITE!!!  ((not anymore though yay!))