Ok, NOW we've hit rock bottom.

As lasting repurcussions from my being in charge of the money while in my *down* period (which of course means not giving a damn if bills get paid)...  we've lost everything in our storage building. They auctioned it off and we didn't find out til I finally called after coming to my senses to tell him I'd be in to pay the late amount

Then today, I got a weird text from the guy who sold us the Explorer. I knew we were behind on payments but they hadn't called or anything. So, I called it back when I got the chance.  Turns out the guy who owns the place turned it over for repossession today.   The kids have friends over and everything, getting ready to go Trick or Treating and their dad is having them clean everything out of the Explorer, just in case we can't talk the guy out of it tomorrow morning - which didn't seem likely from how the guy I talked to sounded.

I really feel like calling into work and crawling into a hole to die.

EDIT***  You know...  I think it's been taken away because I was proud of it.  I felt a sense of pride in it every time I'd go pick up a kid from school or walk back out to it from the grocery store.  It's a 1994 model, but it's so pretty compared to our other vehicles. Current or past. We do still have a horribly ugly and rusted 93 Safari van with a bad transmission that will only drive in 2nd gear and outdated tags.  And a 1986 Chevy POS Pickup truck that won't start and when it did run would lurch and chug, and is currently sitting full of trash.  So, this is the Universe's idea of making sure I don't have nice things.  I felt pride in something nice we finally had... and so it gets taken away.

I'm defeated.  I know we won't be able to keep it or get it back.  We've cleaned it out. That $220 a month should go onto other things like getting the existing ugly ass vehicles fixed... but of course we still OWE on the Explorer so just because it's going to get repo'd doesn't mean the debt goes away.

Going back to my hole to die.