Our living room and Thanksgiving spread.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  If you're going shopping tonight or early in the morning, be careful and have fun!

I finally have taken pics of my living room after having moved stuff around AGAIN and also of our Thanksgiving meal.  If you remember, we pulled up our carpet back in August, and planned on getting tiles as we could afford them to finish the new flooring, but life happened and we didn't get to.  Besides I think we have decided we need to put down the 1/4 inch plywood subfloor first and then put the tiles on top of it.  The vinyl just shows every little bump in the plywood and it's not as nice as we'd like.  So we'll live with bare plywood floors til tax refund time.

We also had salad and deviled eggs, but I forgot to put them out when I took pics.

Since I moved the big table back to the "dining room",  the round table I'd gotten to replace it in the first place actually got moved to the bedroom to use as my desk.  I really like it as my desk and it keeps all that mess and clutter from piling up.  But I still don't know if  I'm going to be happy with the big table out in the main living space all the time.  We'll see.  (Please don't look at the messy floor. I haven't vacuumed yet heh)

Ok, my break at work is over.  Have to get back to work!  Have a great weekend!


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