Something Good

My recent posts have been pretty big downers I know.  But I felt like I wanted to share a happy thing that's happened too.  Well, happy for me anyway.

My Mother In law asked us this last week, which pieces of furniture we'd like. She said she wasn't being morbid and listing things for after her death or anything... turns out her husband is tired of so much stuff in the house and has decided her antique furniture has to go.  I feel sorry for her, but I'm thrilled to get a couple of awesome pieces of furniture.  She's a hoarder, and the house is like the ones on that TV show.  I don't think getting rid of antique furniture will really help the problem, but I'll take care of the furniture in my house. So it'll be safe from whatever might happen to it under all the stuff.

So, the first piece I'm SO EXCITED to get is exactly like this:
Found image on
I have wanted a Hoosier cabinet for like decades!  It's EXACTLY what I need in the kitchen next to the deep freezer.  Currently the old library table is there, but I can move it to Rhiannon's room as her new desk.  Her desk is an old flat pack thing that's falling apart.  Oh I can't wait!

The other piece is called "The Bar". That's what they called it when I first met Christopher in high school.  His Mom always kept her bottles of gin in it. LOL!  It's dark wood and gorgeous. I know I want it in the living room, but NO clue where! We'll make room!  Oh I found a picture that's very similar to it from what I remember it looking like. (It's honestly been hidden by piles of stuff for so long it's a vague memory."

Isn't that thing GORGEOUS?

Oh we're also getting an old typewriter table her grandfather made by hand. It's a bit wobbly but will go perfectly to the right of the buffet/tv stand and it can hold his laptop when we hook up the HDMI cables to the flat screen.  So it'll become a high tech typewriter table. :)

In order to get to have them, we have to go help clear a path to get them out.  Thank goodness they're all upstairs and we don't have to go into the basement! (That's where the dark wood buffet I have was found!)

So, I'm looking forward to doing that soon.

Christopher is going to call the places about the storage  unit and the car. And see if there's anything left and what we owe and if we can keep the car at all. It's still in the drive way, so so-far-so-good. He works 6am-8am then comes home and then goes back to work at 12pm and works til 10pm.  That was his deal for getting to be off the night of Halloween. He says it's worth it, they had a wonderful time out tonight trick or treating.