Inspired to not let my Failure get me down.

Tonight I had a couple minutes to just browse my blogger dashboard, and I came across this post.

In it, she says she'd been a failure at something she'd planned on kicking its butt in December. But she didn't. Just like I did with our finances this month. She wrote the word FAILURE in her daily journal, then at the prompting of a friend, wrote GRACE all over it in red. I can get a feeling of how that would immediately change my outlook. Sometimes you just need a reminder of who's really in charge and just step back and accept your human shortcomings and put your chin up and move on with life.

So, that's what I'm doing. Especially tonight after Christopher and I ended up having a fight. It wasn't really about the money, but that topic is sort of hanging over everything - because we let it. So, I'm going to try to concentrate on other things.

Like for instance, I mentioned a little already that I've been pampering myself, and it's really lightened my mood and made me less depressed, and a little more self confident.  I've even lost 4 lbs!  There's been one young lady that's really kind of been my guru about this though, and I wanted to mention her here as well.
In fact if you watch Good Morning America, you may have seen her on there (I think it already aired anyway - I guess it's live). Here's the videos from GMA as well as the video she did that inspired me to watch her other videos and start following her Twitter and blog etc.

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In case the video is not working for you,  this is the link: (it plays after the ad is done).

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This is the link for the second one:

And this is her full video on the transformation. She's really just so inspiring to me!


So, I am going to keep pampering myself, and doing my makeup and feeling pretty and put together even if I don't even go out.  No more feeling frumpy and down. This is especially important this time of year when the seasonal disorder can really kick in.

I'm also going to try to get the living room and kitchen as nice as I can get them, nice and clean and do as much decorating as I can. It's hard without all the decorations we used to have, but I want the house to feel festive. Lately the girls have had so much homework and studying for exams and these concerts and plays that they've not done their own chores, and I've not been doing my share either - although!  I have gotten caught up on laundry and kept up with it.  I should have taken a before and after pic!  I literally had to walk on piles of clothes to just get to the washer and dryer, there were so many dirty clothes. But I stuck to it and sorted it and got it all done and now I only have one sorter full, and it's set to do next. It's about time for the girls to bring me their hampers again, and I'll do a couple loads to get  theirs caught up. It feels SO great to not have that mountain of laundry.

I'm also going to get the master bedroom looking nice again.  It's really been neglected and is really a mess right now.

I also really want to rip up the carpet in the hallway, but that's going to be a big job with moving the bookshelf and everything on it, but I know in the end it will be totally worth it. I CANNOT WAIT for the tax refund to come and we can get the floors redone finally.  I'll do another post on my wish list for the tax refund. I seem to add things to it in my mind daily lol!  There won't be THAT much money, and I know my husband is likely not getting a bonus this spring either, so can't rely on that. :(  Dang economy.

So, yeah anyway, got to look up and keep a positive attitude, and roll with the punches. I have one more week til my next paycheck, and then hopefully I can right the wrongs I've done so far and still make this a very Merry Christmas in our house.  I know it's not about the STUFF, but I want the atmosphere to be happy too.

I'll try to be back and post pics of the tree and maybe post about the stuff I got, and post about the girls concerts and play. We have one more concert to go to, then I'll probably do one big post on all of them. Oh I didn't get pics from Zoe's play because I forgot my camera, Bad Mommy. But we're going to order a DVD and send a copy to my husband's grandparents.

Hope you're having a great week so far and a happy holiday season!