2012 Goal number 12. Weight Loss

Ok, since I promised y'all I was gonna keep it real on here, there is no need hiding numbers.  When we got our new scales around Christmas time, we all weighed ourselves that day. I was 237.2 lbs.  I have been keeping track of my weight though not actively trying to lose currently.  During the week that we were low on groceries in the house, I got down to 231.4.  After Christopher got more milk and margarine and I was making waffle batter like a mad woman... I am now hovering around 234.

I know my biggest problem is my sleep schedule. I work from home 7pm-3am. I usually stay up long enough to get the older girls ready for school, and try to be in bed by the time Christopher is up and helping Zoe get ready and off to school (she rides the second load). I would like to get to where I can get up and be awake at 2pm each day, but it's just not happening, and it IS less than 8 hours sleep really.  I don't usually fall asleep til they're about out the door which is around 7-7:30.  So 8 hours would be 3-3:30.  That's when the girls get home from school.  So I never really have the house to myself to clean - but that's not what this is about.

 Anyway, So I sleep 7ish to 3-4ish, then get up, try to stick to my routine of washing my face, moisturising, at least foundation and some color on my face so I don't look undead (seriously I rarely go outside since I work from home), then get dressed, check email.. and then it's time to make dinner, then it's time to work. So, basically my breakfast meal is what my family has for dinner. Though to be honest, when it's that early for me, I rarely eat very much.

My lunch at work is usually around 11pm. I do have a 15 minute break around 9pm as well, but normally only get a refill of my chai tea mug (I guzzle the stuff - only use Splenda as the sweetener). But really at 11pm, I'm not normally *hungry* since my breakfast was usually a big meal, and sometimes we don't actually get around to cooking til around 8pm (I make the girls cook if I don't get it made before I go to work).

If I don't eat at lunch break, I almost always find something to snack on for my last break at around 1am. Lately, this can be as much as a whole meal like a Belgian waffle, 2 fried eggs and some fried ham. (I did that one night and felt like crap afterwards, but it was SO good.) Though sometimes I will just have a bowl of oatmeal with milk and brown sugar, or a bowl of frosted flakes or rice crispies (if we have bananas).

Ok, so taking all of this into consideration, and knowing I need better nutrition and more consistency, I have made a plan...  I initially wanted to do Weight Watchers which is what my Goal List says, but even though they have free signups, it's still a little bit of money and you still have to buy kind of expensive diet food. Also, I don't really play well with others, so the whole companionship thing doesn't appeal to me.  So, I got an email from Slim Fast since I used to use their site all the time (before they changed it and ruined it forever.) I know a couple years ago, I did the Slim fast thing and lost about 20 lbs, so I figured whynot give it a go, at least to get kick started anyway.  That's when I realized they went from cans to bottles, and now they sell 4 packs for more than the 6 packs used to cost.  What's up with that?!  So, though I DESPISE the Evil Walmart, I decided I would see if they still did their store brand of the cans.  The website still has them, 4 bucks for a 6 pack! I'm hoping that's not a clearance price. The chocolate is not even available online.  I hardly get out, and I would never ask Christopher to go to Walmart for me, so I'll have to wait til I leave the house Friday (maybe Thursday since it's supposed to snow here,  GASP), then see what the local store has. I am really hoping they aren't getting rid of them just because Slim Fast are being pains in the ass.  I want to get in there, get a 2 week supply and get out quickly (yeah right). At least I'll get some exercise since you have to walk a half mile from the closest parking place.  I REALLY hate Walmart.  

Ok, so anyway, since I have taken note of what I eat and when I am actually hungry, I've decided I will have a Fake Slim Fast for "breakfast" when I wake up, while the family eats dinner.  Then on my 11pm lunch break I'll have another Fake Slim Fast (or FSF for short). Now, when I have these, I can also have a bit more with it, like whole grain toast with peanut butter, or a banana, or half a turkey sandwich on wheat, etc.  Then later on (preferably I can wait til after work,) I'll have a big meal. I figure if I'm good with the FSF's then I should be okay to eat anything I like for that meal within reason.  So I can have leftovers from dinner, or go ahead and have a waffle and fried eggs and ham.  I know for a fact that after being on the diet for a while, my stomach will shrink and I will fill up on less food, so the big meal will eventually get smaller, and I hope to get back on our feet financially of course so we can afford more healthy foods like lots of salad stuff.

I get a snack between each meal as well on the FSF plan. Pickles (dill) are a good one cause they're savory and salty and help satisfy that craving plus I hear they take more calories to digest than they actually have in them. I also like salsa and tortilla chips as a snack, as it's usually low fat. I just have to find salsa I can eat (I'm very sensitive to spicy stuff and usually put sour cream in it.)

My biggest weakness is sweets, especially chocolate.  Hopefully the FSFs will help curb that and I have to stop telling Hubby to bring me chocolate from work.

I'm really looking forward to getting the treadmill paid off and out of layaway. I know I could do other exercises, but you don't know how lazy I am.  I used to go out every evening and walk the track at the local park.  That was when I had little ones at home and Hubby came home at 5pm each day and I used the time to get out of the house and walking is addictive too.  Now, my arthritis is bad and I don't like going out, and well... I can find tons of excuses.  Having the treadmill in the bedroom will do away with a ton of them, and if it can help get the weight off, then maybe the arthritis will get better, and I'll just feel better.  Then, THEN, we can start thinking about the P90x beginner thing. babysteps!

So, how are you all doing on your goals for 2012?