Got the Fake Slim Fasts, and Winter is Here!

So, I really did get up early today and go run errands on Christopher's lunch break. I didn't get to bed til after 9am and got up at 1:00pm when he called. I felt bad not doing my makeup and dressing better than I did, but at least I wasn't going into his store, just Walmart and a thrift store or grocery store.

So, I got 4 boxes of there:
I really do hate shopping at WalMart, but KMart doesn't have their own brand of Slim Fast, so I have little choice.  This 6 pack was only $4.87. I *really* hope they don't stop carrying these.  I want to stay on this plan for a longish time, like at least 3 months or longer.  Depends on how I do.  I did really well in the past. I like the taste and they make me feel full and I don't get hungry again as fast. So yay!   I got 4 boxes, so that's just under 2 weeks worth at 2 cans a day.

They've been calling for this huge winter weather to hit tonight. I watched the Weather Channel site and saw the moving map thing and when it showed the blue stuff over us, I looked outside, and lo and behold...


I know the Northerners (see I didn't call you Yankees, I'm nice that way), are laughing at this, but this amount of snow can shut this town down. Area schools are closed or on 2 hour delay. I'm expecting our county to be out, but not sure about city which is what my kids go to.  They have a snow day bus route that avoids hills in town.  I don't know how those kids get to school.

While I was out today, I did the obligatory run to the grocery store (which I needed to do anyway) and got 2 more loaves of bread (though we had 2 in the freezer), 2 gallons of milk (we'll drink it), and other necessities,.. like maple syrup... and splenda.  >_>

The dogs are loving it.  I have let them out and back in like 5 times since it started.
Dixie was too fast to catch on camera. See, there's more snow on the porch.  It's kind of dry and blows off the railing.

Since I had my camera out, I thought whynot take a picture of my new best friend?

I know it's filthy.  I didn't clean it after I used it this morning, but it'll get cleaned when I run a load in the DW tonight.  The drip pan comes off. Then I wipe down the rest of it. I got it at a white elephant gift exchange with a group of friends who have mostly been down on financial luck, so we did the white elephant thing.  I was so thrilled to get this!  Many thanks to Kristen who brought it.  I LOVE IT!  My waistline doesn't, but I'm counting calories and all that, so I'll be good. Waffles will just be a treat now and then, not a daily meal. Honest!

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