Insanity! I rearranged the KITCHEN

To be honest, I really did it at first out of curiosity, but then it was kind of cool, and by the time I was done, I loved it.

I didn't get before pics of course, but here's some old ones that basically show where everything used to be.

The sideboard - this doesn't show nearly as much stuff as eventually ended up on it.

See the ugly deep freezer with the tablecloth hiding it. Also see the microwave was next to the fridge taking up the entire tiny little counter. Oh also, that toaster oven to the left of the stove has since been given to Corina for her new place, so all I have there now are decorative things including a teapot fountain Zoe got as a white elephant gift. It's hard to use that counter space from the kitchen so basically useless space. The fridge was designed to go in that space obviously, but it was impossible to take the shelves or drawers out to clean them unless I pulled the fridge out to open the door all the way. 

My old desk that's now used as extra counter space.

Taken standing in front of the pantry by the backdoor. This is closer to what the desk and freezer looked like most of the time if I didn't constantly pick up after people.

Here's a better idea of the layout
 So, now here's what it all looks like:

Sorry it's fuzzy. See I moved the fridge and freezer.

Christopher says he thinks it makes it feel smaller, and I can see that, but  it's actually really cozy and now there's workstations instead of just a bunch of places to toss stuff.

Don't look at the tattered chair and the nasty floor under it.  I have to mop today.  I actually like this side of the kitchen the best. It's cozy and has the decorative elements and the living room runs right into it.  I like how the orange chair is turned so it can be looking at the living room or someone in the kitchen. It's easy to turn as well.

The sideboard is now only for decorative stuff most of the time, and when we have friends over, which happens quite a bit these days, we can set the food out on it, as it's intended.

This is Rhiannon's favorite part. I like it too. Everything we use on a regular basis is easily accessible. The waffle maker and blender are tucked neatly away in the upper cabinets above the freezer (which we can reach now because the fridge isn't in the way. This works much better than across the kitchen on the sideboard.
This note is on the fridge because I put a new cover on the deep freezer and I am tired of them ruining the covers I put on it.

I put an antique table cloth remnant on it and covered it with half a big clear plastic tablecloth protector cover. I taped the sides back like wrapping a present.  I can still easily open and close the freezer.  It's pretty and I get to see my nice tablecloths (I have a couple others I can use under this and want to get more,) but I can make a sandwich there, pour drinks,  make a salad ,whatever and just wipe the plastic cover clean.  I still have the other half of the plastic cover saved in the buffet. So, if something does happen to this one (and it better not!), then I can replace it. The cover comes 90" long and I just cut it half, and only costs like $5  Good deal.
I'd like to do a little more decorative stuff over here, but I'll get to it. The walls are icky. Soon this whole area will be painted and little problem areas fixed, and HOPEFULLY new laminate on the counter tops to go with the new paint. (Oh and new cabinet knobs too). This also is the best place to put the girls' chore chart.  

And now this is the new view from in front of the pantry.  I would love someday to get a nice new fridge that was wider and not so deep, but this isn't really a problem.  As long as no one wants to open the fridge and dishwasher at the same time - but people don't often open the dishwasher for any reason unless I tell them too LOL. 

So, that's my kitchen now. I think I must have rearranged stuff in the kitchen a half a dozen times or more, but I don't think I ever moved the fridge before. It's taking a little getting used to, but overall it's so much more efficient now.  All the real work spaces and appliances and stuff are mostly all together or just a step away rather than 4-5 steps across the kitchen into the line of traffic (which is always busy with 3 dogs, 3 cats and 3 kids). I SO can't wait to get it all painted! I am hoping we can get the beadboard put up around the peninsula then as well.  Not expensive and should be easy enough to cut to size and install ourselves. And the flooring!  Soon!  Soooon!

I know this wasn't on my goal list or anything, but it makes a difference in my daily life and organizing, so I'm proud of it :)   How are you all doing on any goals you've set?  I've lost 1 lb! Woohoo LOL  Better than gaining again!!  Oh and we've got the last of our cash before the next paychecks in envelopes! A little for groceries and a little for gas. The next paycheck is 11 days away, and it's kind of an "extra" check. We'll be paying off at least one of the cash advances with it and after bills are paid, the expense money will be going into envelopes as well. This is especially important for the grocery money because I am really bad about going over in that area and justifying it... but then things go into overdraft or don't get paid on time (or at all), and it's not pretty.  So, yay for the envelope system, (and now I have to train my husband how to use it hehe).

Hope you had an amazing long weekend and have a great week y'all!!


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