It Never Fails

We may be destined to never ever catch a break.  If you're a regular reader (love you guys!!), then you know how excited I've been that our tax refund is being processed and will be here between the Feb 1 and 7. I've been budgeting where that money is going to go so none of it gets blown, and also our regular paycheck budget. While we wouldn't be debt free this year, we'd be a lot closer...  but...

Christopher came home from work today agitated and kind of down.  I knew something was up. Finally he said they'd closed the eatery at his store. Everyone who worked in it, even the eatery manager was let go.  That store  has been there for more than 20 years and has always had an eatery.  Christopher has worked there since we got married, and I can't imagine the number of times we met there for lunch.  All the times I took the girls when they were little, in car seat/carriers, and high chairs. I even worked there two different times and would take my breaks in the eatery. It's hard to believe it's all done.  But the really scary part was no warning. That's never a good sign.

Which leads to the rest of the story.  Christopher is one of 2 assistant managers and then there's the store manager. The store manager today told Christopher that there were many more cuts to come, but he could not tell him more right now...  that a really bad sign.  Either he's giving Chris some time to come to terms with things or maybe he's just not wanting anything to be public knowledge at all yet, and the less who know the better... The problem is we don't know.  They have eliminated assistant managers positions before. There used to be 3 and it went down to 2, and that extra manager was made an hourly department manager.

In 2006, Christopher had been with the company for 14 years and had recently gotten a promotion to overnight shift lead.  But it was bad timing because the cuts came down and the last one promoted (whoever it was) had to be let go.  I have NO idea how that makes any sense. He was allowed to apply to be hired on part time for less wages, but he was so ticked off, he refused to go back.... until he hit rock bottom.

Fortunately, when he did go back, a new manager was in charge who quickly realized what a great worker C was, so he was soon made full time, promoted to stock room manager, and in less than a year was assistant manager. So, I know there are silver linings to the clouds.  Things happen for a reason... but I never ever ever want to relive 2006 and 2007 ever again.

So, since we don't know what's going to happen, we're going to change our gameplan. We will pay off the cash advances like we'd planned, but the redecorating including the floor and paint will be put of hold and that money will stay in savings.  It's not much in the grand scheme of things, but it could give us a buffer at least if we get the worst news.

So, please keep him and our family and the people he works with and their families in your prayers.  And if you live near a KMart and need something like toilet paper or cat food or a tv, please consider buying from them. Thank you.