My Goals For 2012

Hello everyone!!  I've gained some more followers!  How cool is that?!  HI NEW PEOPLE!!

Ok, so the thing going around Blogville right now is "To Do" lists for 2012.  And I can't help it, if I see a bandwagon, I feel the urge to jump on.  Besides, it'll be nice to link back to this throughout the year and see how good or how badly I did.  THINK POSITIVE!!

These are not really in any order, just as I think of them, I will type them in.

1. Replace the non-working vent hood over my stove. (moved in 3 yrs ago, has never worked)

2. Put down the new plywood floor and the vinyl planks in hallway and living room. (and maybe kitchen)

3. Paint at least the living room and kitchen area walls.

4. Fix or hire someone to fix the leak in the front living room window.

5. Get the plumbing under the trailer fixed.

6. Replace the mattress on Faelyn's bed.

7. Get new sheets for all the beds and more towels for both bathrooms.

8. Get a piece of furniture for the entryway in the hallway for the girls' school stuff and "tomorrow drawers."

9. Get the treadmill out of layaway.

10. Workout on the treadmill at least once a day.

11. Get the beginner P90x series from my SIL (she sells it and is a trainer) and start doing it with Christopher.

12. Join Weight Watchers and stick to it.  Want to lose at least 35 lbs this year. (and get lean with the P90x)

13. Get new doors installed on 2nd bedroom and main bathroom.

14. Put in baseboard moldings in hallway and living room when the new flooring is in.

15. Pay off all the cash advance places and not use them again all year.

16. Stop using the paypal debit card as a check card.

17. Get both the teens their own laptops.

18.  Save up at least 1 month of Hubby's salary in savings account. (preferably 3 months)

19. Help Corina with her wedding if she really insists on doing it this year. (I think they should wait til one has better benefits).

20. Help and support Christopher in the exercise and dieting for weightloss and shaping up and getting healthy- and get him new clothes as he loses to reinforce it. 

21. Keep up with the pampering and taking care of myself more. Bubble baths, makeup, moisturizer, hair treatments, manicures, etc.

22. Do a second raised bed out back and take better care of the plants. Have tomato cages for each plant so we avoid last year's issues. Keep bugs off the plants so we can have peppers this time. 

23. Use the backyard more often this spring and summer. Maybe even get Christopher a new grill.

24. Cut back the bushes along the back fence line to give more yard space. 

25. Go to the lake more this coming summer.

26. Try to visit at least some family in either NY, PA or FL.

27. Try to get to Myrtle Beach if even just a weekend with the family.

28. Visit Charleston, S.C. - hopefully for our anniversary this year. 

29. Get season tickets to either the zoo or Dollywood, depending on how we do financially by April. 

30. Pay back my brother in law the money he loaned us when the Explorer's brakes went out. 

So, there we go.  The 30 goals I can think of right now.  I'm sure there's going to be more pop up in my mind later. A lot of it is financial, from paying off stuff to paying for home improvements. Time to put our money to good use instead of it going down the drain for cash advance and overdraft fees. This year I will hang onto our money tightly.

Also, going to get healthy this year. We're over 40 and not healthy.  I want to live a long life and I look forward to what life might be like post-kids-at-home.  It'll be like a whole other world! I love my kids and I will miss these times so much, the girls are a hoot, but I think the future will be really good for us too.  I want to be around for it.  And I want him around too.

What are your goals?