I don't want to hype the redecorating too much, cause it's not THAT big of a deal compared to other stuff you see on blogs heh.  Just some paint really.  Haven't been able to get time or money to do baseboards yet, but should get at least one big piece of the baseboard to do the front wall of the living room at least on Saturday.  Getting another box of tiles then too. I haven't gotten the glass knobs to go along with the new cute knobs on the hallway dresser yet, but the vintage ones on it are horrible (unlike my kitchen cabinet brass ones. Yuck!)

Still have the beadboard to get for the peninsula, and the primer for the cabinets and white paint and yellow paint and more trim moulding etc.  But little bits at a time, we'll get there.  Each part can be one little project, so it's manageable.

Sadly we did cut into savings when we shouldn't have, but I'm working overtime this week and last week, so I should be able to replenish it soon.  I liked knowing we had that buffer, so it's a top priority to build back.

Anyway, I haven't gotten pics before now, because there's either always someone in the room, or there's a mess from an ongoing project, or I just woke up.  Hopefully tonight after work, I can get some pics.  They'll be dark though, so I hope to get more in daylight hours soon as well.