The Ideas Shopping Trip

Today, Christopher was off work, so I got him up early and we all left together and dropped Zoe off at school (older girls caught the bus earlier), then he and I went to breakfast and planned our next few hours.

After a trip to the ATM, we headed to the Benjamin Moore dealer. We got a gallon of the Tate Olive paint, but the guy only carries the higher end paint from BM, so it was $50 whew!  Oh I know it's worth it.  It went on so wonderfully on the one wall, and there was hardly any smell.  You'd never know we'd just painted.  I also got the paint chip things for each of the colors we're painting walls etc so we could hold them up next to things for comparison later.

Then we headed to Lowe's and got painting supplies, tray, rollers another brush etc. I was determined to get new cabinet knobs today, but after we got there, we just could not decide on what looked good, and did we want to paint the cabinets etc.  We went to the custom cabinet section where they have mock kitchens set up, and I finally made my decision.  They had one with white beadboard and white cabinets and it looked awesome.  I was afraid it would be too much white or something, but it looked really good. So, knowing we wanted white, we looked at knobs again and I STILL didn't see one I wanted... except one kept nagging at the back of my mind and now I regret not just going ahead and getting a couple. The problem is, they cost $5 each and I need 12!  I looked at the Home Depot site online, and they have a similar one I think I like better for only $4 each, so yay!  I've always wanted glass knobs on a piece of furniture or something, and now I'll have them in my kitchen!
We also found a laminate sheet countertop we both agreed on and looks good with the colors for the walls.  And it's nice and neutral.  We did finally decide not to go with the 50's diner look, though that would have been awesome... just not really us afterall.   So, it's called Madura Gold by Wilsonart.

We also picked out baseboard moulding and  a "crown" molding, though it's not technically a crown, it's just going at the top of the walls.
And it's less than $8 for an 8ft length of it! It's not a very large molding, but this is just a mobile home, and we didn't feel it would be appropriate to do anything over the top.  We also figured out what to do with the places where the beadboard edges will be and where the green meets the yellow on the other side of the kitchen. I picked this molding to hide the paint line and to go up against the beadboard:
And at the top and bottom of those, cut into the top and base board molding, we'll put these:

We also agreed that along that front wall that I already painted, we're going to install a chair rail and continue the beadboard all the way over to the door.  That will help protect the walls since the dining table and chairs are there (especially his old leather office chair), plus it will help define the space as the dining room rather than just... oh you have a kitchen table in the living room.

I also found online, a swag chandelier to go over the dining table since it gets dark there when we play games til like 2am.  The main fan light fixture can cast shadows on the board, and the light over the sink does too.  So, I found this one that I love! It's at Walmart shhhh, I still don't like shopping there, but they do carry so much stuff.
It can be hardwired, but it also has a long cord with a plug and chain attached, so I can plug it into the socket that is controlled by the lightswitch and swag it over the table. YAY!  I asked Christopher if he was ok with it first , and he does like it. If I really like it, I might get a second one and hardwire it to replace the ugly ceiling fixture in the hallway. I think that would look really nice. depends on how much light it gives off.  Reviews for it are excellent though.

We also went to a couple of thrift stores and the used furniture store. We didn't find any used chairs we really liked except one, but the pattern on it just too flowery for me. And it's pretty big. If we get a chair that big, might as well get a recliner heh. So, search continues for a chair.  But I did find a dresser!  It even comes with a mirror, though I plan on getting a big wall hanging mirror with a nice frame. It's $59.99 and very retro.  It has great lines and awesome vintage drawer pulls. Christopher said it was ugly, but I can paint it. Nice solid wood.  So much better than the crappy stuff you get in flat pack boxes.  I'll have to wait til Wednesday when the refund deposits before I can get it, but I'm so excited :)

So, anyway, after all the running around we did today, the only thing we really bought was breakfast, peachie tea from Pal's, a $50 gallon paint and some rollers and other painting stuff.

Oh no, I take that back, I also went to Big Lots and got a new optical mouse cause my scroll wheel broke, and we got some snacks for the kids.  So, not quite as successful a shopping trip as I'd have liked, but I'm going to need more money and my daughter's pickup truck with me next time. ;)  Tax refund comes tomorrow!!  WOOHOO!

So since I got like 4 hours of sleep, I am not going to do any furniture moving and painting tonight.  maybe I'll get up early and start tomorrow.   We'll see.

Y'all have an awesome day!!