Still around, but can't do the reveal yet!

Been such a busy week around here!  I've gotten all but one wall of the living room painted and one side of the hallway painted. I've got my hallway/entry way dresser in place and found THE cutest knobs at Michaels for it. Found a great mirror to go over it, and some cute accessories. We decided against the chandelier when Christopher found something even better!  I found a chair I am in love with at TJMaxx/Home Goods, but we decided it would cut into savings to get it, so I have to hope it's still there when I get some more spending money saved up.  We did a little more of the flooring tiles, about a quarter of the living room is done.  I wish I could just do it all, but we have to just buy a box of tiles as we can budget them in.

I also kind of redid Rhiannon's room with new bedding and a cool new craft/homework table. Currently she's at her grandma's for the weekend, and we're trying to get a TV set up in there, but the cable under the antique bed we can't move. So, I'll get pics of all that when it's done and she's got it all cleaned up again.  I didn't think to get pics before.

Same with the living room.  No pics til it's done.   Hopefully soon!  Maybe by Saturday night!