Bummed, wedding stuff

It appears I must have put my wedding stuff in the storage building.... you know, the one the landlord sold all the stuff in even though we'd called and said we'd be in to pay the bill. It's not like any of it was really expansive things or anything, but I would have liked to have passed along the veil (which I think I got second hand from someone).  I do still have the tiered lace tablecloth that had been part of my junior prom dress that my Mom made into the table cloth for the table to hold my guest book at my wedding.  She later turned it into a bassinet cover, but I'm going to see if it will still fit on a table as an underskirt, if I put another shorter tablecloth on top of it, and maybe a piece of glass to weight it all down.  We'll see.  Oh I also have the large lace tablecloth my Mom gave me as a wedding gift that was on the cake table at my wedding.  Corina will get to use it, and I'll get her her own lace tablecloth as well.

I know it could be a lot worse.  I think about the people in the tornadoes who lost everything, even loved ones, and remind myself it's just stuff.  We can make new memories with new stuff.

Oh, she got her cake picked out!  An old friend does cakes for a living and they met today and got it all picked out, and she's doing the labor for free!  And will even transport it and set it up at the wedding since she's coming anyway so yay!

She's got her dress picked out, but a friend of Christopher's at work has one for sale that might work even better, but she always forgets to bring it.