Yesterday (Monday), my husband Christopher and I went to the Big Town nearby for his eye exam.  We realized it had been 3 years since his last. Then we went to Lenscrafters and got his new awesome glasses. Here's a pic of them:
Aren't they sexy?  They look so great on him, and he felt good wearing them. You know how a man carries himself better, taller, then he feels good about himself.  I also got him a new t shirt in a cool blue teal color from Forever 21 and then got him that neato razor/beard trimmer with the commercial with Adrian Brody in it.   Mmmm.  So, when we got home, he went and used his new toy and shaved and trimmed down to a nice goatee and mustache. He thanked me for a great day, and to work today ready to get compliments on his new look.  He got them of course, lol, but he also got some icky news.

He's been recruited to go to Hazard KY again to their KMart which is closing now.  When it was reported it was closing, the newly hired manager for the store immediately quit apparently, so with all the hecticness of a closing store, they need help.  He was just "asked", but the yearly reviews are next week,.. sooo....

He's bummed now. He was on a really big high, and now he's got to go to the one place on the planet he'd like to never ever see again. Fortunately, he's still feeling good about himself, and to keep him up there, I got him a new pack of white tshirts, new nice dress socks, all new personal care stuff including one of the Axe scrubbies he really loves (that the kids stole), new shampoo, body wash, a new toothbrush with case and his fave toothpaste.  I also got him a new men's travel case.  AND I went by the thrift store which was having a 50% off clothing sale, and got him 3 pairs of pants and 6 shirts, including Ralph Lauren polos and Tommy Hilfiger etc.  All for $26. :)  Come to find out, one of the pairs of Haggar slacks actually has a broken zipper, and another pair has been altered so it doesn't fit him.  But the other one is good and most of the shirts fit, and he likes them.

We had to drive an hour out of town to get a rental car for him to take since he doesn't want me being without a ride here, but it wasn't an actual Enterprise store, just a partner (National I think), and they wouldn't take our debit card to secure it.  Enterprise always has, and such a great company to work with, but National refused, nicely.  So, instead of the $136 for a rental, we stopped at a store and got oil and new windshield wipers for the Explorer. Let me tell you, it's AWESOME having an emergency fund for this sort of thing!

So, tonight he was a little stressed, but I told him I'd pack for him if he told me what pants he likes wearing and all that.  He's gotten really picky with his clothes since the new glasses thing.  I think it's awesome.

Our weightloss challenge is still going well.  We both lost weight again this morning.  I tease him that since he has the company travel card for meals, I'll win the challenge.  But he said he's taking a 12 pack of slim fasts and he knows the hotel has a gym, so he'll be using it and sticking to his workouts. Since he won't be here to wake up, I can do my workouts after work this week.  So, we'll see who has lost the most when he gets back! It's so much more fun dieting and exercising when you want to beat your spouse LOL!

He'll be back Saturday night, so not really a long trip, and he is already familiar with the place, so I think he'll be fine. I'll still miss him.


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