Finally I got my living room cleaned (mostly) and found the camera.

It's silly that I've not been posting because I'd promised pics of the living room, and I still haven't gotten them taken.  I always forget when it's clean and when I do remember, then it's trashed!

Well, I was just going to write about other stuff going on, but I decided I should just go take pics right now.  So I did!

The living room with the new paint color, new light over the dining/game table and the hallway dresser. My sink seems to always have a few dishes in it. 

I moved the end table over to this corner for Christopher to set his laptop on and it can be used for pieces when we play games.

I found the two candleholders on either side of the picture at a thrift store. I was originally going to paint them white to match the trim which we're painting white eventually, but I kind of liked the gold with the frame here.  The new plaques over the picture were just handed down to Christopher from his Mother. They are from India and even include ivory (which is still legal to be inherited or given I'm told), and were given to Christopher's father who grew up in India.

This is our homemade light fixture that I just love. A few posts back I showed the chandelier we were going to hang here, but when we were at Target, Christopher saw this lampshade and just loved it. So I decided we'd take the swag hanger from the old worn out light over the bed and give it a new life. The shade couldn't hang right side up with the way the supports were done, so we turned it upside down and it looks really interesting.  It casts a huge round light on the ceiling and a smaller one onto the table, but it works for what we need to it for and I just love it.  I am so glad I found the cord cover at Lowe's too.  I think it really completes the whole look. 

The Aztec calendar is also a new addition. Christopher has wanted this since he was a kid, but his Mom wouldn't part with it, but she gave it to him this last week along with the plaques. 

So, here's the Tate Olive color on the wall with the dark wood stuff and all the wall knickknacks. I really love the color.

I put up the other Egyptian painting as well and we got new pillows from Dollar General. I love them. 

Christopher no longer hates the couch, since it now goes with the room better.  I can't wait to get all the flooring done. I am really sick of plywood. 

And I finally got my hallway dresser!

These are the cool new knobs I found at Michaels for something like $1.50 each.  (maybe less).

Each girl has 2 drawers labeled with their initial for their backpacks, hats, scarves, whatever. It's really really helped keep the hallways nice and neat. 

I had an extra frame and asked Rhiannon to make something to go in it for the table.  I'll be switching it out with other kids'     art now and then.  Rhiannon is an excellent artist.

I LOVE these origami flowers.  Christopher made the big one and Faelyn made the two smaller ones. We got a big book of cool patterned paper from Michael's which I guess is for scapbooking or something. It's awesome for origami.

I am IN LOVE with this basket and these bunnies!  We found the bunnies at Tuesday Morning, and the basket at TJMaxx/HomeGoods (ours is all in one store).  The Stuff basket is perfect for putting things the kids or we adults don't want to forget when we go out the door. Outgoing mail, permission slips, cough drops for chorus, things Corina is borrowing or whatever, it all goes in there and it's been working great so far. Really love it.

I also got new frames for the kids' school pictures. We don't buy them every year, it just gets too expensive, but I did find photos of all 4 girls from about the same age, like 1st or 2nd grade, so I put all of those up together.

Then across the hall are some other photos including the group that gets reflected in the hallway mirror over the dresser.
I know the bottom frame doesn't match, but I don't really care, I like the frame. The ones of Faelyn and Zoe are Spring pics of them that I really like from maybe 3 years ago, and the two of Corina and Rhiannon are their Chorus photos which are a little fancier, and I love them.

Well, that's the redecorating so far.  I can't wait to get the flooring finished and get the baseboards installed and paint the top moulding, then tackle the beadboard and kitchen.

I'll do a separate post on Christopher and me doing our weightloss challenge.
Take care y'all.  Hope the storms have missed you and your loved ones!


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