Followup on the HIIT workout, and the weekend.

Ok, so after work last night, since Christopher's not here, I got on the treadmill to do the Week 1 workout from this site: . I didn't figure I'd do the whole 20 minutes, but I wanted to see what it was like to do a couple intervals.

I actually did 8+ minutes of it, and wasn't too thrilled with the speeds I was doing, but I know it's just the beginning and I am really overweight and out of shape, so really, what should I expect heh. My regular speed that was comfortable was 2.7 mph and then on the sprints I got it to 3.6 for the first two intervals, then went to 4 for the 3rd interval, then decided to just slow it down and stop. So I got halfway through it.

I could really feel the burn all over, not just in my legs, so I can see what the mean about it doing an all over fat burn and especially on the belly area.  This morning, I had not lost anymore weight.  I'm still steady. My calories yesterday were just under 1500, and my goal for calories is 1200-1500 a day, hopefully closer to 1200. So, today/night I'll have to try to stick closer to 1200.

Tonight I'll do a regular 30 minutes on the treadmill and hopefully get to where I can do 5.5 laps at least, again.  Then Saturday should be when I do the HIIT again, but I doubt I will have time.

Today, Corina picked me up and took me to the local Enterprise place and I got a rental car that goes back Monday. I figure for $44, it's well worth it with everything we had planned for this weekend.  After I got the car, I went to one of the grocery stores I had marked items I needed on my grocery list. I'm going to the other store tomorrow since I have a $5off a $25 purchase coupon. In fact I may print another and have Rhiannon go through the line behind me with a buggy and a 2nd coupon. Work the system! Anyway, after getting groceries today, Rhiannon called.  She was finally done working the JB Lyle Chorus Festival at the high school. Since our school has the Performing Arts Center attached, all the regional schools have to come here to compete.

Then tomorrow, Faelyn and Zoe both have eye appointments at the mall where Christopher and Rhiannon had theirs done last week.  (I got mine there last year).  I'm actually going to get Rx sunglasses and will likely also have to get Faelyn new glasses at least. She's been complaining a lot about blurriness. We'll meet up with Christopher as he gets back into this area, then all head back home.

We'll still have the rental car for Sunday, so maybe we'll go for a Sunday drive.  Since it's not our vehicle, I'm not worried about wear and tear and it gets a lot better gas mileage than the Explorer hehe.

So, anyway.  Busy couple of days coming up.  Hard to find time to workout. Just hope I can be good about sticking to my diet.   Have a great weekend y'all!!

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