A great meal with family and more.

Today was really just another day, though Faelyn and Zoe stayed home from school sick with a red and icky looking sore throat. They both seem to be feeling better now, mostly.  Christopher got off work at 3pm and then went out and got a few things we needed. Rhiannon got home a little before Christopher did. Her boyfriend Chris brought her home (it does get a little confusing having two Chrises heh), and stayed to work on math homework with her. So we asked him to stay for dinner.  We had a great time sitting at the table all together as a family with the newest "member". They've been together 10 months and seem to be soul mates.  I don't see them breaking up over anything really.  So we're getting to know him. :) He's getting more comfortable around us, and we with him as well. The girls told us about their day, and Christopher and I talked about the days when we were dating and in highschool. It was nice. They're playing games together now, while I had to get to work.  (It was a little slow at shift start, so I decided to blog real quick.)

I made Island Pork, brown rice, a salad and corn and then peach cobbler for dessert.  I got the recipes for the pork, rice and the cobbler all from one blog. http://homesteadinghomemaker.blogspot.com/ I LOVE her site!  She's got amazing ideas for freezing meals for crockpot cooking and more.

Island Pork:

How to cook brown rice:


The cobbler used whole wheat flour and skim milk and I used real butter instead of the fake margarine (we're trying to get away from fake foods - don't count the fake slim fasts lol)  It is SO GOOD!!  We put Blue Bell light homemade vanilla icecream on it. YUMMY!

Check these recipes out and look over her site!


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