Hubby's and my weightloss challenge

Friday before last, I challenged Christopher to a weightloss contest. Whichever of us could lose 10lbs and keep it off for a week first would get $100 from savings, totally guilt free. We'd just replace it with the next paycheck, no biggie. Apparently money was what was needed to push him into action.

Well, at first he didn't do much to try, while I decided to try a low carb diet.  Mark Sisson's Primal Blueprint actually. Well, I am not cut out for the low carb thing.  I failed miserably, and it was just too hard to change so much of my and the family's eating habits. After a few days, Christopher had started drinking the fake slim fast shakes I had in the mini fridge.

3 days later, he'd lost 5 lbs and I'd lost 1`and regained it. So, I decided giving up early was the only thing to do. Since he was on his last fake slim fast, we headed to Walmart and each got 2 12 packs and a lot of salad stuff.

By yesterday he'd lost 7 lbs and I'd lost 3.5, but this morning he'd gained 2 and I gained 1 back.  It was the first time in 2 weeks that we'd had real pasta (we had been using spaghetti squash but Walmart was out this week).  So, we're trying to watch the empty white carbs.

We both use an online calorie/weight/etc tracker at .  He has the app on his android as well, so he can record everything he eats at work or when we go out. We even buddied each other and now we can spy on each other's weight chart and food diary etc.

He's been teasing me that he's going to win the challenge, but that I'll be a winner too, because I'll have a thinner sexier husband LOL. We are both really committed to it this time, and it's SO MUCH EASIER to do it when he's doing it too! We want to lose as much as we can by June for Corina's wedding.

Hope y'all are doing well!

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