I'm ironing? Because I want to?

What's up with that?  Who irons for fun?  Well, I'm not really ironing for *fun*.  I'm ironing because:
1. I got a cool new iron after my old one actually fell apart into pieces.
2. I got a nice new tabletop ironing board that's SO much easier to get at and use and put away.
3. Christopher is doing so great on his weightloss (he's way closer to winning the challenge than I), and he's really taking care of himself. I think he's really been depressed for a long time, and he seems to be coming out of it. I've gotten him some nice designer name shirts at thrift stores (some of our thrift stores have some rich folks giving away stuff, it's awesome). He has several Ralph Lauren and Polo shirts now, and I want to keep them crisp and looking good on him. I also had him give me all the pants he won't wear anymore due to holes in pockets, holes in the crotch, missing buttons, zipper broken, whatever. Then I got him new really nice dress slacks from the same thrift stores. Some were a bit too long, so I got a roll of hemming tape and came home and hemmed the pants.

Seriously,  I... *I*  hemmed pants. I was even shocked.   AND  Get this...  I sewed a new button on one of his new shirts!  I'm not kidding!

And last night I ordered him a fabulous pair of men's dress shoes from ShoeMall.com  since they're having a 20% off sale for St Paddy's day. He currently wears a nice enough pair to work, but they're like old man shoes. I want him to wear sexy sophisticated shoes.   These even have a Cuban heel, so he'll be a bit taller. I think he'd like that (he's shorter than me).  I found another site too that has awesome men's dress shoes on sale for $10, but their site is having technical issues, so I complained and they're working on it.  I'll try again tonight.  I *really* loved some of them. Very hip.

He even mentioned something for his game he really wanted, so I ordered it for him.  When it came in the mail, I swear it was like a 5 yr old on Christmas. It didn't cost much, and was totally worth the look on his face. I love him and I love doing things for him and taking care of him.

Today he came home for lunch and asked me to get him a green shirt so he can wear it tomorrow. I love that he feels he can ask for things now. His mother had taught him to never ask for anything ever, and it's taken like 20 years to untrain the bad stuff.  Poor guy.  I really hope things continue to go well, and I can keep spoiling him little bits at a time. It's good to see him smile again.

Happy St Patrick's Day everyone!!  Don't forget to wear green!!