Menu Time!

Hello Hello!

I'm feeling really good today, despite the fact that Hubby is away on business. I've got my girls. Even Corina came over today to hang out after work. It's gotten to be a habit.  She plays Glee Karaoke with the other girls since they're all great singers. We had a great dinner of spaghetti squash with a garlic and herb sauce with ground turkey and more garlic and Italian seasonings thrown in, as well as a side of steamed "California" veggies (frozen broccoli, cauliflower and carrots done in the microwave).

I've stuck pretty well to my diet today.  I'd lost weight when I got on the scales this morning!  AND  I did my measurements and I've lost 2 inches off each thigh!!! I thought they looked slightly smaller, and I was right!  2 inches is a lot of thigh fat LOL!

Ok, so since Christopher comes back Saturday, I'm moving the BBQ Pork roast in the crockpot to Saturday so it fills the house with the aroma and he'll have plenty to eat when he gets home (well within reason of course).

Sat 3/10  Pork roast in crockpot with bbq sauce, buns, mashed potatoes, steamed veg.

Sun 3/11 Chicken and Dumplings in crockpot, and peas

Mon 3/12 Turkey stroganoff (using plain nonfat yogurt and whole wheat noodles), salad, picked beets

Tues 3/13 (probably Family Dinner Night) Meatloaf (half turkey, half pork or lean beef),  whole wheat macaroni and cheese (reduced fat), no-salt canned green beans.

Wed 3/14 Crockpot Island Pork, brown rice, salad (got the recipe here: )

Thur 3/15 Spaghetti squash with turkey meat sauce, steamed veg

Fri 3/16 Crockpot Mexican Chicken, Salad, lt sour cream, cheese, tortillas, salsa  (found on same site as the Island Pork above)

Sat 3/17 (St. Paddy's day!) Light Kielbasa with cabbage, steamed veg  (we had this when I was on my low carb diet and LOVED it)

Sun 3/18 Pot roast (beef or pork, whatever's a better deal) with red potatoes and onions, green beans, rolls.

Saturday the 17th is when I'll go shopping again, so I don't need to work on the menu and list for the next week yet.

Christopher and I did the webcam chat thing (thought I don't have a cam, I could talk to him and see him, which was nice.), and he said he stopped and got a sausage egg and cheese McGriddle this morning during his 3 hour dirve, even after he'd had his Slim Fast... which I can understand for the trip, but he said I am to never let him go to McDonalds again.  He's really addicted to imputting all his foods and exercise into the FatSecret site, and then he saw the calories from the McGriddle. Around 600 from what I gathered from his actual total and what he could have been at if he hadn't had it. But this is amazing for him.  To see it as a bad choice and learn that he should not eat there again, and find healthier alternatives.

I don' think he worked out today, but he did have that drive this morning.  He has to open each morning, so he will be at work way before the hotel breakfast is served, so that's probably a good thing for his diet. I hope he'll get to enjoy the gym and get to relax. I doubt it has an indoor pool, but I packed his trunks just in case.

I wonder if we'll have lost enough while we're apart that it's noticeable...  in 4 days?  lol  Maybe not, but we can try!

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