Must stop making dessert

If you've been following along, you may know that Christopher and I are taking a weightloss challenge.  Whichever one of us loses 10 lbs and keeps it off for a week without regaining wins $100 from savings and can use it for anything they want, guilt free.

I had started out doing a lowcarb diet, and it was just not working for me.  Meanwhile, I told Christopher he could have my fake slimfast shakes since I couldn't have them on the lowcarb diet.  Well, fast forward a week or so, and I had given up on lowcarb and wanted to go back to Slimfast, and he's already lost 3 lbs.

Well, it's now been a month, he's lost 9 lbs and I had lost 7.  *had* The trouble has been that I've trying some new recipes I found online including peach cobbler, which actually uses whole wheat flour, light peaches and skim milk, and we top it with light vanilla ice cream....  that's not *too* bad when you have a second helping at 1am...  BUT.  Tonight Corina came over for dinner and brought a cake mix and baked a 2 layer dark chocolate cake with mocha frosting.  I had a thin slice after dinner, but since then I've had 2 more pieces.

Thankfully it's gone now.

To be fair it's been my TOM this past week as well, so I've been all bloated and feeling icky.

Today, I woke up fully intending to get on the treadmill and work out to the MP3 for HIIT... well I got into my workout clothes (which I am still wearing).  Just about that time Corina and Rhiannon showed up.  They'd been at a meeting with the lady who will be doing her cake. So, I had to listen to all that, then Christopher got home from work and wondered if dinner was ready cause he'd been up so long (went in at 6am) he was hungry... so I finished up dinner which was a pot roast in the crockpot and made green beans and thawed out the rolls to go with it.
Then there was the cake.

So, then I felt too full and blah to work out, which is why I'm still in my workout clothes.  Since C doesn't work tomorrow, I may just go ahead and do my workout after work tonight then take a nice long relaxing bath.  My back has been killing me lately.  I pulled a muscle the other night doing laundry and I didn't let it rest when I should have and it's been swollen and really sore. I should probably let it rest more, but I have GOT to get back to working out. I like seeing my thighs shrink and they can't do that if I don't work out.

So, yeah less dessert and more workouts.  I might still win the challenge!

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