Again, really? Are you nuts?

Would you all call me crazy if I tell you I want to change around my living room AGAIN??!!

I think I must be nuts.

The problem is, I am seriously tired of going out to my kitchen/living/dining room on breaks at 1am or when I get off work at 3am, and find the place trashed. 

I am not sure why I think rearranging the furniture will stop that from happening, but ...

Maybe they're so used to how it's arranged now, that they don't care if it gets messy.  If it was "new" again, they'd work harder at making it look nice and new.

I don't know.  It kind of makes sense back in my mind.

The really crazy thing is I'm actually considering moving the guinea pig cage to my room. Not that I have room for it, but he gets neglected in the corner, and it's not easy to arrange furniture around him.  His cage and table take up a lot of space.

I'll let you know how it goes.