The new kitchen shelves

I finally got Christopher to put these shelves up for me.  I did help.  They're perfect for the space and make me want to get the cabinets and walls painted even more now (plus add some trim molding).

This one was a bit dark without a flash, so I turned on the flash for the rest so they're a little glarish. I'm hoping to get to go to dayshift in a month or two so maybe I'll be awake when the sun is up!

It's hard to see the brackets, but they're curley-que ones and I love them. The top shelf sits right under the cabinets and I'm wanting to screw it into the bottom of the cabinet and add trim molding after they're painted so they look like they're supposed to be there.

I wanted this to be a functioning area, but still cute. I didn't want to risk putting my heavy glas mixing bowls on them, so I'm just putting the plastic stuff on them for now. I love my "jadite" Tupperware pieces and the stacking set of bowls (the orange one is the biggest, but they're all differnet colors and we use them all the time).  The red platter and the white bowls were bought for the wedding reception and I kept them for myself. There were red bowls too I gave to Corina. $1 a piece at Walmart, and we use them all the time.  Good deal. I've always wanted one of those cute nesting sets of ceramic measuring cups like at Pier One and Anthropologie, but til I finally get a set, I have my colorful plastic set there.

The bottom shelf is mostly just stuff. The jars along the back each hold a different tea.  We're a tea drinking house, and hardly ever get the coffee pot out. The teas used to be in boxes and it looked messy on the top of the microwave, so I figured it would get the canning jars out of the cabinet where they were taking up space and it would look nice on the shelf. The creamer holds flavor packets for bottled water. The "Coffee" canister to the left of it actually holds more tea packets, and the cookie jar holds.. cookies!  I don't think the kids have figured that out yet though hehe.  I like cookies with my tea during my last break at work sometimes, so this was a good place for it.  It's not really what I had planned on using the shelf for, but it works for now.

It sure helped clear up the top of the microwave, and even gave me room to put the toaster on it. I didn't like it on the other side of the stove, so this is much better.  There's plenty of room above the toaster to put bread in and take it out. I tested it. The sugar bowl holds my Splenda packs that I MUST have for my tea. The "TEA" canister holds *my* teabags.  The different chai blends that I like. There's a little leaf shaped dish that I use as a teabag holder and spoon rest. Pardon how dirty the microwave is. A good scrub down of the kitchen is on my list for this week.

So, there is the corner.  See it used to be where the fridge sat.  We just decided it was just a bad spot for the fridge since we also had the chest freezer and a table for extra counter space. When you opened the door, it would hit the trash can and it was impossible to get in there and clean it well.  Now it's right in the middle of the kitchen wall and easier for everyone to get to.

I think once it's all painted and the trim is in place, they'll really look perfect there.  I can't wait to get started on that.

First though, we are going to tackle the younger girls' room.  Zoe's 10th birthday is Saturday and she's asked for a room makeover and to get it painted. We've decided on this one:

This is from the Valspar website where you can add paint colors to pictures and see them on the wall. The wall color is called "Peaceful". I love how it looks with the white trim and white furniture.

I will try to get a lot of before and during and after shots.  C has to work long hours both Friday (today now)  and Saturday, so it'll be me and the girls.  We'll have fun though, I hope!