Not so good news.

Today Zoe and I started decluttering and moving stuff out of her room to get ready for her room makeover.  That's when I found it. Behind her toy bins there was water damage. Bad water damage. The drywall was completely gone in some places near the carpet and it's bowed out in the middle and then I noticed what appears to be black mold starting to show through the paper on the drywall. (It's mobile home sheet rock, so it has a plastic paper coating.)  So, plans to paint the room are on hold now. We'll have to remove that section of drywall, then get in there and clean out all the mold and wet stuff and try to find out where the dampness is coming from.  There's no sign of water damage at the ceiling or the top half of the wall.  So it's coming up from the bottom?  I don't even know how.  It's an outside wall, nowhere near the bathroom or any water source, and it's a mobile home.  That floor is like 4 feet off the ground! I'm at a total loss, but I am imagining when we finally tear into it, we're going to find a big mess. At least the floor is still solid, so hopefully whatever happened or keeps happening can be fixed and the damage undone.  Then put up new drywall and finally paint her room.

Blah. There's always got to be something huh?