Quick post, Happy Fourth!!

Just a quick post, mainly for myself so I get back into the habit of posting.

Happy Independence Day!!  I hope you're all getting to spend it with family and friends and good food and good times. This is the first year in a long time, that we've not been able to do our traditional celebration. We usually pack up the car and head to my home town Rogersville, TN where the whole town throws a huge party at the city park and has free inflatables, rock wall climbing, water balloon wars, and entertainment on stage all day, ending with a big name concert. Last year was The Band Perry and this year is Mercy Me.  All free.  Of course there's also all that fair food. Yummy.
It is sad that we can't do it this year. I have to work and getting doubletime pay was too hard to pass up, besides, Christopher had to work til 5, so we'd have missed most of the day and had to park a mile away by now anyway. Plus, Rhiannon was invited to be in the parade of another town with her boyfriend.

I really hope that next year we'll be able to get back to the tradition.  We only have so many years left with our girls at home afterall.

Here at home, we've rearranged furniture AGAIN!  I think the living room set up is the most ideal for this point in our lives. We have people over for games and dinner so much, we just really need to have the big dining table out where we can use it. I've taken back my desk and put the round kitchen table back in the kitchen. So now we actually have a kitchen table and a dining table.  The kitchen table still gets piled up with stuff, but I don't keep anything on it normally except a tablecloth (I kept a red and white checkered one from the wedding) and the paper towel holder.  The dining table probably hasn't been completely cleared for weeks.  I have almost gotten the living floor totally done!  yay!  There's the area under the couch and along that wall where it's not really noticeable.  One or two more boxes will finish it off. We've painted already of course, and we put up white base boards along the front wall and in front of the peninsula. It looks so nice with the wood and the green paint!  Can't wait to get more done.

In the kitchen I've wanted to put up some shelves in the corner where the fridge used to be. We moved it out to be along the back wall of the kitchen and put the chest freezer where it used to be. The problem is the wall socket is right in the middle of the wall instead of closer to the floor, so it is making shelf installation difficult. C did get one put up for me so far. I hope I can get the second one to fit somehow.
I think they'll look really nice once we get the cabinets painted white too and the walls done in beadboard or painted yellow. 
I am not sure exactly what I want to put on the shelves, but I was kind of hoping to put my more decorative looking serving dishes or whatever on them, so they'd be functional and decorative.

I really hoped to have more of the home improvements and decorating done by now, but most everything took a backseat to the wedding for the past several months.

I'd add pics of the current kitchen mess and stuff, but I can't find my camera cord and it's dead.
Might have to try out the camera on Hubby's new phone.

***Oh I found some pics on my previous Kitchen Insanity post, http://chaotictendancies.blogspot.com/2012/01/insanity-i-rearranged-kitchen.html .

 It still mainly looks like this except the desk has been switched out for the round kitchen table we bought last year (that I had been using as a desk... so those are now where they *should* be.)

It was nice to have the "Breakfast Bar" but honestly, it was just a waste of space most of the time, and people kept putting stuff on it so it was piled with stuff and unuseable. So, I cleared off the top of the pantry and put the coffee pot and waffle maker up there since we rarely use them.  The microwave went back on the counter next to the freezer and stove.  Toaster on other side of stove and the bread box on top of the fridge.  Not ideal, but I preferred having a clear flat space - so now the table is there with 3 of its matching chairs.

This is the area that's been bugging me, so I finally bought some shelves and had hubby install them for me today after work.  I haven't had much time to do anything in there yet since I was cooking and then working, but I can't wait to figure out what to put on them.

That "wood" flooring is now over (almost) the entire living room floor.  The parts you can see mainly anyway.The walls are all green now.

Hopefully I'll have new pics soon!

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