Shew! I'm worn out! Painting is done!

I am so tired!  But I wanted to post real quick and let y'all know what I accomplished!  No pics yet.  Hopefully I'll get them all up tomorrow.

Well, I'd said before how there was a section of Zoe's wall that had rotted and had black mold on it etc. Well, I took C back to work on his lunch break, and on the way to the car, we inspected the outside of the house. The siding had come undone there and a bolt was missing which allowed the rain to go straight into the wall and insulation there in Zoe's room.  So, we put the siding back properly, and I still have to get a bolt the right size for it.  Then after I dropped him off, I went to Lowes, looked at paint colors and found one I liked better. That "Peaceful" color I saw online is like army green in person.  I'm not trusting that site anymore. I forget the name of the one I got, but I LOVE it.  Anyway, I got another roller thingie, a tray liner and then headed over to drywall.  On the way I saw they had kids lamps on sale like $8 off, so I got her a disco ball light which is a pretty cool light and might be good as a nightlight for her. Only $12.  Then I arranged to get a piece of 1/2" lightweight drywall. I drove the Explorer up to the loading bay and of course it would not fit through the back window.  So I lifted the back hatch and it fit some of the way.  They said I'd have to put it on top.  So they put it on the luggage racks for me, but said I had to tie it down or else they'd be liable if anything happened. I'd already spent 20 minutes waiting on them loading some other guy's truck with enough lumber to build a huge deck... and now i had to tie this drywall down.  Well, thankfully they had a lot of string free to use, and I got it good and secure and got it home.

It was probably a funny site to see me and Rhiannon get that thing off the roof and into the house up the tall flight of front steps. Drywall is HEAVY, and this sucker was supposed to be lightweight.  I have HUGE respect for the guys who put this stuff up everyday, especially on ceilings.  DANG!  Anyway, back inside, I ripped out the old drywall section and made sure it was dry, sprayed it with every bug spray I could find and let it air out a little, then went to put the new one on... 1 foot too tall. So, I got the jigsaw out and thank goodness it had a blade. Rhiannon and I sawed off a foot and then finally got it put up. I found out all the drill bits are missing, especially the screwdriver bits.  So I had to screw the drywall to the studs by hand.  Not fun. But finally it was done!  I also decluttered Zoe's room some, and we both worked on putting her stuff into the drawers marked for the toys. Moved her table to Rhiannon's room since she's asked for a new work table for her art stuff and it was just taking up space in Z and F's room.  I did take a break after I went to get C from work.  We sat and ate and watched Franklin & Bash.  Very late dinner,.. 10:30pm by the time we ate. It was just too dang hot to cook anyway. By the time I got to bed, I was dawg tired.

Today I got up in time to go out with C on his lunch break. we ate at Subway, then I took him back to work and I picked up Zoe's birthday cake at the best bakery in town, then to Walmart to get a bucket of ice cream and cat food. I went there because I wanted to get Z and C both new Bibles. I got C a really nice like pocket sized full KJV bible, very good quality for $9, and I got Zoe a gift one for $5 but realized when I got it home it was a NIV. we have like 6 NIV Bibles already.  I needed to get her a KJV one for the new church we go to. So I'll have to exchange it sometime. So, finally got everything back home and the girls had lots of friends over all day, playing cards and Guitar Hero and playing in a kiddie pool. Meanwhile I painted. And moved furniture. And painted some more. 

I had to do it in sections since I had to move furniture around to get to all the walls. Thankfully the Valspar primer+paint is AMAZING and dried like SUPER FAST.  I was so glad too.  It really helped the whole project go a lot more smoothly than it could have. There was just a little bit of cleaning left to do today, mainly stuff that was under the bed that we didn't get to last night. The paint is GORGEOUS when it's wet.  I've decided I'm going to get the color that's one shade lighter for my master bathroom. So pretty. It looks nice when it's dry too, fresh and clean and kinda  beachy. It's a very pretty blue.  I can't wait til we get all the trim painted white and get the baseboards up all over the house. (MONEY).

I did have to stop part way to get C from work, and we picked up 79 cent Coke 2-liters at CVS on the way home.  Great deal! Then finally at home, we got the candles on the cake and sang happy birthday to Zoe.  She didn't have a lot of gifts to open, but most of her gift was getting her DSi-XL fixed which we had to pay for since they say it wasn't their fault it broke. And we got her a Music Bullet speaker for her DS and MP3 player as well. That thing really works. (C said he saw a commercial for it and found it in an As Seen on TV section). Her best friend got her earrings and Corina came over and gave her some real grown-up makeup.

Then I got back to painting. The worst part was left for last... Faelyn's corner. She keeps sheets up like a fake wall hiding her from the world (or at least Zoe and her friends).  her walls were basically plastered in posters and artwork.  So she had to take all that down and I had to gently move her desk out so I could paint that section.  Her desk is like a mini hoarder's house. But she's OCD and everything has a place and Lord forbid you move something.  Faelyn actually helped me paint the last bit when I was able to move her bed out a little for us to get back in the corner. Then finally it was all painted. All the other furniture got put back and last little bits of straightening were done and by then the walls were dry enough to move her desk and bed back.  She'll put her wall art back up tomorrow she says.  Maybe she'll like the bare walls so much she'll leave it...  nah.  She's a teenager.  I got a sleeping bag, pillow and blanket for Zoe's friend who's staying the night, did a last lookover the room and then headed for the tub. 

It was so good to scrub that sweat and grime away, but oh Lord am I sore and tired. We actually never even made dinner tonight.  I was so buy painting, I didn't even think of it, and Christopher basically ignored the kids and everyone this evening after the "party". He'd worked 12 hours afterall.  Thankfully the kids all fended for themselves with sandwiches, frozen burritos and cereal. It happens.

Now it's 1:30am and I can hear the kids up playing again.  I might get to bed sometime tonight.

Hope you're all having a great weekend!!

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