The WEDDING! - and hopefully back to blogging.

Hello again all.  If you'd given up on me ever blogging again, I would not blame you. Life just got in the way I guess and I've been distracted by getting Netflix and catching up on shows I'd always meant to watch, and I'm totally addicted to Tumblr, plus we've had my daughter, Corina's wedding to plan.

I wish I had been in a more of a blogging mood while we were planning and buying stuff for the wedding/reception. But it's all over now. They're married.  I don't have to worry about it anymore. Whew!

Here's a few of the photos others took of the wedding and reception. 

Christopher walking Corina down the aisle.  This is my fave pic.

The cake was made by a friend as a wedding gift.

My brother is a pastor and performed the wedding, and it was held on my family's farm.

Father, daughter dance.

Me and Christopher watching the wedding.

Me, Corina, my mother in law, Tyler and Christopher.

Hopefully soon I'll be back to posting stuff I'm doing around the house.  Corina already wants to look for newlywed blogs, and I hope she'll start one of her own.  We also want to re-take the Organizing Challenge I took a year and a half ago that's on my sidebar.  We both really need to get stuff done in our homes.