Zoe's Birthday and Room Makeover

Saturday was Zoe's 10th birthday.

I forgot to get a pic of it before we put the candles in.

It was so yummy!

Zoe blowing out the candles.

Corina and Rhiannon about to start an icing fight I had to stop.

The newlyweds Tyler and Corina

We got Zoe's DSi fixed (she got it for her bday last year, but it stopped working a few months later, and we finally got it fixed JUST in time for this year's bday.). She also got speakers she can plug her DSi into (because we are gluttons for punishment I guess.)
Zoe (on the right) and her best friends dancing to the silly music she had on her DSi.

She also asked for her room to be painted.  She originally wanted a dark blue, but when I went looking for paint colors online, I saw what became the inspiration pic.
I can't remember where I found it (credit goes to the owner - at least they signed it).  I just loved that light blue, airy, fresh, kinda reminds me of the beach, and it's romantic. So pretty. So I asked Zoe if she liked it and she did, so I went to Lowe's in search of the perfect color. I ended up with Surf Spray by Valspar. I really liked the lighter color on the paint chip, called Tropical mist, but since Zoe had originally wanted a dark blue, I decided to split the difference and get the middle color on the chip. In fact, I love the lighter color so much, I'm going to paint my master bathroom that color.. but that's a whole other post.

I didn't actually get any before photos, but the only thing I really did was paint... well and rip out a section of drywall. I did snap a pic of that after I dragged it outside.

Also, this is the wall paper (the sheetrock came with this on it - it's a mobile home thing). It's on the walls in every room. I'm so glad I've at least painted the living room, hallway and Zoe and Faelyn's room.  Hopefully someday the only place I'll see it is in the closets.

Yeah I mean it could be worse, but after 3.5 years of living with it, I am sick of it.

I wish I'd taken pics during the process or had the girls take some, but I had my kids and their friends in and out of the house and that room all day, I couldn't think straight.

But anyway, here's the after photos.  There's a lot of stuff in there, so I took several pics of different angles.
Oddly you can't really tell the walls are a darker shade of blue in these pics. The walls really aren't this light.

Faelyn is 14 and shares the room with Zoe and to keep some peace and sanity in the house, I agreed to the curtain wall.

View from the doorway.

This poor dresser was mine when I was a kid. It's missing a drawer, but she uses it for shoes. I'm going to paint it when I paint the trim, a nice clean white and maybe get some cool new drawer pulls. 
View back toward the doorway from the bed. That door needs trim. All the wood trim will be painted white as soon as I can.

 I decided to stack the toy cubbies. I did actually do more than just paint in here now that I think about it.  I took out the kitchen playset and the little table and chairs. That made so much room. Since she decided she was too old to play with the kitchen stuff, we took all of it out of the drawers. Now that drawer is for her make up and nail polishes, hair doodads etc. I want to get a full length mirror to go on the wall to the left of the drawers by the door.
They have a lot of stuff. Actually Zoe's stuff stops with the blue tub. The rest is all Faelyn's.

More of Faelyn's stuff.  You can kind of see the true color of the paint in this one.

There is no door on the closet. There used to be, but it fell off the hinges, and we decided it was easier without.  It gives them more room without worrying about the closet door opening.  That closet had been a real mess, but now the floor just has shoes, Faelyn's pink tub and some backpacks in the corner.

 Faelyn's side of the curtain wall.  She extends it more sometimes so she has more privacy.
 Faelyn's side of the room. Typical teenager bed I guess. (Well except for those gorgeous perfect blogs who have designer rooms for their kids. I am not one of those haha.)
 Faelyn is a huge anime fan.  Particularly Naruto.   Can you tell?

 And more.  Mango is her best friend's nickname and Austin is her boyfriend.

And the last little corner of Faelyn's part of the room.

This is the disco ball light I got Zoe, since it was on sale, I thought it would be a good night light. Faelyn's not a big fan of it. The Z looks upside down, but that's how the hanger is. Faelyn thinks her side of the room is very plain.  Haha! 

I actually got this from an ex boyfriend way before I was married LOL!  I just always thought it was cute, so I gave it to the girls. It's been passed from Corina down to Zoe now.

Well, that's it!  

Nothing fancy, but it sure felt nice to finally get another room in this house painted, and it's such a bright fresh color. Hope you all had a great weekend!