Changes May be in Our Future

My husband, Christopher, had a business trip this past Tuesday. It was just kind of a local trip. He had to be at his local store at 5am to pick up 3 other people who work in his depts. He drove to the interstate where he met with the store manager and they all rode down to the big city together. There were presentations by some of the local bigwigs, then the teams were given tasks.  Apparently Christopher's team did a fantastic job, and he especially did fantastic.  He said two if the district bigwigs gave him all sorts of praise in front of everyone and apparently his boss's boss took notice.

Today he came home from work on lunch so I could have the car for errands, and he told me more news. Yesterday when he was off work, apparently his store manager just went on and on about how wonderful Christopher had done at the other store. People were telling him all about it. But then, the thing we're really nervous about...  his store manager approached him today before he left for the day.  He said tomorrow he wants to talk to Christopher about his career, and not to worry, it's nothing bad.

Now this would sound great to most people, but, the only promotion he can get at this point is to get his own store. And that means one thing really... moving.

For those who might be reading and don't know... we do live in a mobile home, but it's not quite paid for.  We're buying it on a lease purchase which is an 8 year payment plan, and we've just paid the 3.5 year payment. So, 6 more months and we'll be halfway there! Of course we could pay more than the monthly payment and pay it off quicker, but that's just not quite happened yet.

While we're paying on it, we can't move it. so, there's the problem.  Thankfully Chris and I seem to both be on the same page with ideas.  I know we haven't even gotten any word on a new store or even the training program (which is in Chicago) yet, but it's time to start thinking about options. He's been a Soft Lines Manager for over 4 years now, and has been recognized by the folks that matter.. so it's time to make some plans for Just In Case.

So, what I did first was look at the company's website and look for what's the closest store needing a manager, which is Louisville, KY.  Then I looked at prices of rental houses and the prices aren't too bad actually. It's a fabulous city with the Kentucky Derby and baseball, and lots of cultural stuff I think it wouldn't be too hard to sell the teens on it, though they do have only a few years left of school and already have lifelong friends and boyfriends here.  If we do move, it won't be easy on anyone really.

Anyway, *IF* we were to have to move to somewhere somewhat like Louisville, KY,  I think that with the moving allowance they give, that we'd be able to find a place to rent ok.  So, then what do we do about this place?

Well, he and I are both thinking along the same lines. It would be great if we could get our oldest daughter and her husband to move in here if we did have to move out. Then they could still just pay the same amount that they're paying on their rental now, and we'd pay the difference. Then in 4.5 years (from right now) it would be paid off and we could move it to wherever we were moved to... or we could sell it. Moving it isn't exactly cheap, but I really like the idea of owning our home outright.

Of course, we haven't heard anything for sure yet, and this could all be speculation for nothing... but I think it's good to have some idea of what we could do if the need arises. The best thing of course is that we should get a moving allowance is relocated, and if he got his own store, the payraise should be enough to let us still make these payments as well as one in the new place (within reason).  I just hope he gets to stay in the Southeast where cost of living is closer to what we're used to.

Either way, as long as we tackle it all together, we'll be ok.