Detox dieting!

Hi y'all.  I wish I could get back into the habit of posting more frequently!

I wanted to post about a detox diet I'm doing right now. I'm currently on Day 3.

This is the link to it: 7 Day Diet Plan - Before you begin the 7 day diet

It didn't look too terribly difficult to do, and was actually a lot healthier overall than I'd been eating lately anyway. Originally, my husband was going to be the only one doing a detox diet.  He's had some trouble with his lymph nodes, and I figured a detox would do him good anyway.  Since his heart attack in 2007, he's probably gained 30 lbs. He eats out of habit and just because it's there.  So a very very strict diet might be good for him to break the habit.
I decided I would do the diet with him as moral support. Well, at the last minute, he decided he couldn't handle such a diet when work was going to be so stressful this week. So, I went ahead and started it myself on Saturday.  It will help give me an idea of what to get or not get for when he's on it later. Also, I've fallen in love with the pinup girl style of clothes.  Basically anything from 40s and early 50s.  But even the plus sizes have a, hourglass figure.  I have a watermelon figure LOL. In certain clothes, I look 6-8 months pregnant.  I'd give ANYTHING to not have all my fat (well not all but most) of my fat in my midsection. Besides, I know that's the most unhealthy place to carry weight.  Joy.  So, I decided to give it a go, and detox!

At first it seemed like it wouldn't be too hard.  Day 1 was fruit only. I mean, watermelon for breakfast? Heck yes! I LOVE watermelon.  I fear though, that after this week, I'll never want to see another watermelon.  The rest of the day, I had cantaloupe, grapes, strawberries, and more watermelon.  I also got to eat as much of this "wonder soup" as I wanted. It's just water, cabbage, peppers, onions and celery. I actually like cabbage soup... but this is so bland and there's no fat at all and I am really not liking it at all. I'm supposed to eat it everyday for the nutrients I don't get with the other food, but blech.

Day 2 was veggies only. It was a little easier actually, baked potato for breakfast! I could have 1 tsp of oil all day, so I used a butter flavored spray on the potato and salt and pepper.  YUMMY. I didn't even mind it being dry, it was so good! Later, I also had a stirfry of fresh veggies with the little bit of olive oil and water and some soy sauce (it didn't say I couldn't use it, and I had to season it).  I also kept carrot sticks to munch on.

Day 3 - today. Veggies and fruit, but no bananas and no potatoes. This one's been a little rougher, mainly because I am REALLY craving real food. I still make lunches and dinner for the family, so I smell it and see it and dish it up for them, then go have a salad with a vinagrette which I hate.  Of all salad dressings, vinagrettes are my least favorite. I've not even had any soup today, though I did take it out of the fridge and warm it up. I just can't bring myself to eat it. 

I think I'm going to toss this pot full which is really a waste, but I made it Saturday.  Tomorrow, Day 4, all I can eat all day are 8 bananas and 3 glasses of milk (plus water and soup).  So, I'm going to need to make a fresh pot and tweak it so I'll actually want to eat it. I'm sure there's a good cabbage soup recipe I can find that I can just adjust.

Day 5 is nothing but tomatoes and a piece of chicken or fish. I actually think I might be ok on that one.  I LOVE home grown tomatoes, and I got several (though I'm down to 2). I have chicken breast I can bake with some olive oil and Italian seasonings. I'm hoping if I can make it through Day 4 then stubbornness will get me through the rest.

Day 6 is another piece of chicken or fish and any veggies.

Day 7 is no meat, but any fruits and veggies, juices and I can have a small amount of brown rice if needed.

By the end, I should have lost 5-11 lbs which is a great kickstart for weightloss. As of today, I've already lost 4. I'm sure it's water weight, but it's nice to see come off.

I'm probably crazy to start this now, since I can tell I'm getting into my "down" cycle days. I may not be officially diagnosed, but I know when it's coming, and I know what I'm like when it's happening.  I have been trying to overcome it though.  I forced myself to unload and reload the dishwasher before the kids got home from school, so my kitchen was mostly clean. I kept getting onto the girls to do their chores since that will help me out a LOT to get through the dark days.  I did just notice Zoe never reloaded the dishwasher after dinner, so I need to go do that.  All the lunch containers are still in the sink, plus everything from dinner. Sigh.  Ahh well. Laundry is my biggest demon though.  Folding laundry is one of the chores the girls get daily, but no one ever does it but maybe once or twice a week. They hem and haw and then get away with going to bed with it not done cause we don't notice.

So, I'm on lunch at work now and need to go do dishes and laundry and then tonight after work, unload the dw, make lunches and pack them.  I wish I could eat chocolate.