I love it already!

As I wrote yesterday, my mother in law is giving me an old beat up Hoosier cabinet that's been on her carport for 20+ years. During that time, it's served as a cat house, a hen's nesting box, chicken perch, you name it. Yeah.  But I know I can get it cleaned up and scrubbed down and repainted if necessary.

I also wrote that I'd need to move SO MUCH furniture to be able to put it right where I want it.

Well, I did it!  The freezer is in the laundry room. It's crowded and the girls have fussed about it already, but we'll get used to it. The shelf that was over the freezer is also taken down.

The lingerie dresser has been moved out of Faelyn's room and into the main bathroom as a linen cabinet for that end of the house.  I moved Zoe's chest of drawers and nightstand to Faelyn's side of the room, so she has a lot more storage now. 
this poor dresser needs a makeover

Then I moved the dresser from the hallway to Zoe's room next to her bed so it will also act as a nightstand. I moved an extra mirror from Rhiannon's room to the wall above Zoe's new dresser, so now she has a great place to get ready in the mornings.
This dresser could use some help too. I'll probably paint them both white to match.
So, then I had the girls help me and we moved the sideboard from the kitchen to the hallway.

It's PERFECT! The girls agree, it'll be great to put backpacks and stuff in. We'll see if they actually use it. If they don't, then I'll just keep using it as storage for kitchen and dining stuff.

Stuff and Bunnies
Then, I moved the big shelf off the wall where the new-to-me cabinet will be going.  I had just put it up a month or so ago. Then I was ready to put my kitchen back together.

Y'all!  I am SO THRILLED with how it all turned out.  I think this is the way the kitchen was always meant to be, and I was getting the pieces of it a little at a time til I finally had all the parts to put it together.  Does that make sense?

I know the floors are grody. I'd just moved stuff and I'm going to scrub it tonight. 
The kitchen looks SO much bigger and brighter.  I just love it.

I know this one is dark, I just like taking pics with SUNLIGHT!

It makes me happy to walk into my kitchen now.

 My shelves are back together again, and they fit here perfectly. On the bottom shelf I put the teapot and casserole dish I got from my Mom years ago.  The teapot cozy was a beautiful gift from a co worker. The teacups and saucers are ones Mom gave me, and my new-to-me set of china that I picked as well (the one in the back). My photo of Mom just feels like it needs to be in my kitchen.  It has been since she passed.  I think it'll always be in my kitchen.

Above that shelf is the bigger one. Some of the really old vintage cookbooks Mom gave me as well as new ones Ive added are here. I still have lots more cookbooks not out on display. The old Osterizer blender is stored here for now and acts as a bookend. My vintage avocado green food chopper (Mom had a blue one and when I saw this one I had to have it). In the back is a blue Bell jar with a mosaic tile flower art thing Zoe made me. There's a crock with a candle in it. The fantastic red handled egg beater is a recent addition I got at the antique store last week. I love it. And my new fave thing is the avocado green Mixmaster!  I scored it for $15 at the same antique store, and it works fantastic. Rhiannon used it last night to make a dessert and it made meringue in no time! Love the retro look too. :) 

 I love this chalkboard Rhiannon made for me out of drywall scraps and chalkboard paint. The little bucket was like $2 at Target.  It holds the chalk.  Did you guess?  haha

I always wanted to mention my "curtain".  It's an old tablecloth remnant I got a garage sale a couple years ago. It's vintage and I love the colors and flowers. The blues, reds and yellows all get tied in together in it.

There are matching napkins to the tablecloth curtain and they are kept in this basket along with trivets. It sits in a blue stoneware dish we got as a wedding gift from my husband's professors. The bird salt and pepper shakers are from Pier One. I love them.

 On the other side of the window is where the freezer used to sit with the small shelf above it which held the wexford glassware. Now, I have my magazine ad art and an old painted tray.  Christopher helped me pick out the ads from hundreds in a box. He said he preferred the colors in these. Do you notice the green trend? At least the kitchen walls will soon be yellow! Then it will all really pop!

I also can't wait to replace this light fixture with something that hangs down and is vintagey looking. I'm hoping to find something at a thrift store tomorrow. If not, then I may get the ones I saw an ad for at Lowes that lets you screw in a canning jar as the cover. My old blue Bell jar would be great!

And this...
is where the Hoosier cabinet will be going. I can't wait!

Once it's here, and cleaned and in my kitchen, then I'll figure out storage of my appliances. Some of them I don't want to look at unless I'm using them.  Some add to the charm and can stay out.

I think once it's in place (and the walls are painted), I'll finally be able to decide what color to paint the pantry.  I keep going back and forth.  Red?  Aqua? Green?  Can't decide!

So, this weekend I have so much to do. I still don't know if I can even get the cabinet in the Explorer. I sure wish she'd agreed to let me have it BEFORE Corina sold her pick up truck!  Also, Lowes has a rebate on paint, and I think I may just splurge a little and get the yellow wall paint and a gallon of white for the cabinets and trim. I keep talking about doing it, and I think it's time to just do it. If I wait til Monday to get the cabinet, then C can go with me.  I think that's a plan! It gives me a couple days to paint and get the wall all ready for it. :)  Sure hope it doesn't rain Monday!

Yay for good things happening and finally being happy with my kitchen - and it's just going to get better!

I sure hope you all are having a great weekend! Grill a hotdog for me!


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