Just when I was happy with my kitchen layout.

Yep.  just when I was happy with my kitchen layout, my mother in law tells me I can have her old Hoosier cabinet that's been sitting on her carport for 20+ years.  Can you hear the angels singing?  Cause I can!


That means I have to find somewhere to put it. Sigh. I think though that I have a solution.It's actually going to mean a LOT of moving of stuff and getting things organized, like my laundry room and my master closet believe it or not. In a 1250 sq ft house, there's not really a whole lot of room to spare when it's full of 5 people, 4 dogs, 2 cats, a guinea pig and his huge cage, and a ton of antique furniture.

So, here's the plan. Stick with me, it's convoluted.

I need to move the freezer so...

I need to turn the laundry sorter/hanging rack sideways in the laundry room.  it actually only sticks out 1 inch from the cubby area it's been in til now. I had it longways in the area which has been wonderful and helped SO MUCH with keeping laundry taken care of.  But I realized I could turn it sideways and there would be room in the space between it and the washer, for the deep freezer. I'd have to lean over the freezer to get to one of the sorters, but that's ok.  And having the freezer there, actually gives me another flat folding surface.  It used to be in the laundry room when we first moved in. I think it's going to work great. It'll be a bit crowded feeling at first, but I'll get used to it.

That brings me to why I need to organize the laundry room, obviously, but also my master bedroom.  Since there is a little wiggle room in the laundry room, I have a green Rubbermaid tote in there for seasonal clothes.  It's convenient because it sits in front of the sorter and as I find things out of season, I can stick them in the tote.  I will miss it, but there is just not room for it after the freezer is in there, unless I put it on top which I do not want to do.  Also, there is a ton of stuff that's accumulated on the top rickety wire "shelf" of the laundry sorter. It really needs to go. So, it needs to go in my master closet.  That's a scary scary place.  I think the last time I showed a pic on here, it was all clean and organized.  Yeah well, nothing I touch stays that way for long. Of course, that can wait til the other moving is all done.

So, with the freezer out of the back entry/kitchen area, it'll really open up that walkway.  I'll have to take down the shelf I JUST put up with all my Wexford (I think?) clear glass canisters and goblets etc.

I had just put up two framed 1940' and 1950' magazine ads that I bought for $3 each at the antique store. I LOVE them. I'll have to find somewhere for those.  Maybe they can just stay there after the shelf is removed.

So, next!  I'm going to move the dresser that's in the hallway near the front door to Zoe and Faelyn's room.

Zoe gets to have it, and I'll give her chest of drawers to Faelyn.  Faelyn just has an antique lingerie style dresser which doesn't hold enough.  I'll move it to the main bathroom as a second linen cabinet for that side of the house.

Then the sideboard that I keep all the lunch stuff in and has been so amazingly useful since I got it, will be moving to the hallway in place of the dresser.

It sticks out one inch more than the dresser, so hopefully no one will bump into it too much. Originally the dresser was put there to hold the girls' school stuff. Each girl got two drawers, but they said it just wasn't enough space for their huge stuffed backpacks (two highschoolers), or most of their other stuff.  So, the drawers are actually just full of junk from last year and assorted stuff now. The sideboard has the 3 large compartments that will be much more useful to hold the large backpacks and other stuff. I am currently using them for lunch stuff, my baking dishes, crock pot, thermoses and all sorts of stuff.  It's badly in need of reorganizing anyway. When I get the Hoosier cabinet and it's finally cleaned off, sanded, painted and ready for the kitchen, I'll store all my stuff in it instead.

So, with the freezer, the shelf and the sideboard out of the kitchen, I'll finally be able to put my kitchen table where it belongs! It will actually be going right under the light fixture for the eat-in dining area. Imagine that.

The Hoosier cabinet will be going on the wall where the white shelf and chalk board are. That's why the table had to move.
 The other shelf which I JUST put up that holds appliances and cookbooks will also have to come down.
Hopefully all of that stuff will fit on top of the cabinet. I don't think it'll be too tall. Besides, the cabinet itself has a ton of storage. I'm definitely going to have to find a place for the chalkboard Rhiannon made me. I got a little metal pail at Target that has a little chalkboard space on it to write something, so I wrote Chalk on it, and it holds the chalk for the chalkboard.  Super cute. I'll have to get a pic of it all before I move it.

I will have to look to see if there will be anywhere in the kitchen at that point to put either of the shelves I'll have to take down. If not, then I could put one or both in the laundry room over the freezer.

I wonder if I will ever finally get my house just the way I like it that feels comfortable and *right*.

I think it's getting close... but then I've thought that before too.