A glimpse at the work ahead of me.

Yeah it's gross.  But it's go gorgeous under all that grime and filth.  Pistachio green enamel.  Red bakelite handles. And the crackly finish that only comes from sitting in a barn-type area for 25+ years.

Christopher at first said I had to paint it a bright fresh white.  However, after I got part of it cleaned up and we saw how great it actually looked under the dirt, he agreed to let me get it good and clean and then seal it as is!  I'll still give parts of it a white wash where too much wood is showing or where I had to peel off rotten veneer. I am so excited y'all!

I'll post after pics soon! 

I've got a lot of other projects going on too... and I PAINTED MY KITCHEN!  ... well I have one wall left to do, but this cabinet distracted me!

More posts and pics soon!!