Could use some prayers...

My husband's boss had told him about a month ago, that he was going to start training him on how to do the store manager stuff at work, and then get him into the actual manager training program.  Then he'd be retiring in 1-3 years and have Christopher all groomed and ready to take over the store. Well a couple weeks ago, the company asked C's boss to move to another store closer to where he actually lived and be the manager there.  He said he wouldn't take it since it's not as nice a store, but apparently they offered him even more than the amount he was going to ask (which he didn't even think they'd go for). So, he took the job. His last day is this weekend.

So, here's the thing.  Christopher has been getting tons of praise from the area managers and district people about what an amazing job he's been doing as the softlines manager. Also, they've still not said who was filling the store manager position for our store.  So, I'm really praying they decide to just go ahead and let Christopher take a management crash course and take over the store. He's already been an assistant manager for 4+ years and has been  at that store for over 20 years. There is very very little he doesn't know how to do.  In fact, he's the one who always made sure certain things got done that the other asst manager never does and the store manager didn't bother with. He's very detail oriented.

So, I'm asking for your prayers that the people in charge see how great Christopher would be for the job and decide to give him a chance. And I am praying that Christopher can handle the stress and responsibility well.

Thank you for reading and for your prayers if you choose to. A promotion like this would be a serious Godsend for our family, especially with 2 girls heading to college soon.


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