My "New" Kitchen Reveal!

Oh y'all, I am IN LOVE with my kitchen now!

Here's some before pics to compare it to:

 This was on this side of the kitchen for a long time.

This piece is what triggered the whole thing.  I had to move a lot of furniture to make sure I had room for this.  I got it free from my mother in law.  It had been on a carport that was more like a barn, for over 25 years.  I finally got it cleaned and sanded and sealed, and started painting my whole kitchen, even the cabinets.

Now, I do still have some trim to finish painting in the whole kitchen/living room area, but I'll get it done little by little.  I also want a new floor in the kitchen, but that'll come later.

So, now here's my kitchen! THE AFTER PHOTOS!!..........

 Seriously IN LOVE.  See the Mason Jar light?

 Loving how the old magazine ads and my metal tray look against this yellow paint.

I like that this is less cluttered than before now. I put two of Mom's hanging plates back up.  I love how they look here. Oh you can see how far I got with the white trim paint haha.  I wanted to get one section DONE. I'll work on the rest of the living room and kitchen later.

 Some of the teacups and saucers Mom gave me and one I bought myself, plus one of her teapots. They've been mine for 7 years now, but I still think of them as hers. I'm just watching them for her. I just had to put some of my Wexford out too. Mom's photo is still in my kitchen where it will stay. She's like my kitchen angel.

 This whole corner makes me smile.

 There's that Mason jar light again!  And see my curtains? I saw the idea of using the little ring clips and cloth napkins on another blog and kept messing with this old vintage set of a small tablecloth and napkins til I finally decided to cut the tablecloth in half and make tiers out of it. Then the napkins became the valance. The flowers bring in all the colors and it's so pretty. I love sitting at my little table and looking out the window .

 Loving the white trim around the backdoor! It makes the whole space look so fresh.
Our calendar station. The tall box I got at Michaels. It is the perfect size to hold hanging files. Each family member has a folder and there's one for bills and receipts etc. The smaller basket tray is labeled Receipts.  So finally maybe they won't be put on my desk in piles.  A Wexford cut glass bowl holds misc items and change.

 And here's the other side! I painted the cabinets bright white!  The old knobs got painted with the same red spray paint as the light fixtures.  See my new one over the sink?
This was SUCH a pain to install since the holes didn't line up and we had to get an extender bracket thing.  I still need to drill a small hole into the ceiling to get the one bolt to go flush with the ceiling, but I'll do that when I'm not so sore. Painting and rewiring things over my head have really worked my arm muscles! 

 I should have wiped off the kids notepads haha.  Rhiannon washed them off the other day and wrote DO YOUR CHORES on the girls ones.  The actual chore charts have been moved to the wall in the laundry hallway above the cat litter box (across from the calendar center above).  So the girls can easily go see what they have to do.   I was inspired to hang my iron skillets by Julia Child! I decided to hang a lot of the black stuff I have, like the big cooling rack, my black measuring spoons, the dark gray splatter-ware colander.  I replaced the old green tub that was on the fridge with this great red one.  We bought this for the wedding in June and I hadn't come up with a good use for it til now.  It matches the kitchen now! I keep all the tupperware stuff in there. It's so easy to just toss everything in there when you unload the dishwasher and then pull it down and root around for what you need. I go through it now and then and get rid of margarine containers without lids etc.
And here's the Hoosier cabinet!! I worked on her for a week.  I washed and scrubbed SO MUCH filth off of her.  The crackled paint was so perfect, I talked my hubby into letting me keep her aged looking. I sanded and vacuumed, and then sealed it in a polyurethane spray.  Oh, and Pepper the Siamese says Hi!

 Behind these doors, I keep the kids and hubby's lunchbags as well as a couple extras and the thermoses. The wafflemaker is also hidden in here.

 My sweet avacado green 70's Mixmaster fits in this compartment perfectly. This is where the bottom of the sifter used to be. I did keep the sifter, but it's not going back into this cabinet for now. I may put it on the wall in my laundry room.

 I put a shelf in this area and now have room for my baking sheets, baking dishes and crockpot, perfectly.

 The drawers are in great shape. I love the original red bakelite handles. I lined the drawers with scrapbook paper, and put all the lunchmaking stuff in them. This stuff used to all be in the sideboard before, along with the baking stuff seen above.

 I love this part! I had to put in a new bottom to the shelf. It was the perfect size for my collection of cookbooks.  90% of these are the ones my Mom owned.  She left them to me and they're very special to me. I am so glad I finally have them all on display and easy to grab. They used to mostly be packed away.

As you can see here, I put a new shelf in the area where the sifter used to be and it was the perfect size for the coffee maker. Any of the small appliances can be taken out and put on the enamel top. I have an extension cord all ready to go on the floor between it and the pantry. We hardly ever have coffee, so it isn't out all the time, and I like how it looks there.
On top I had plenty of room for the blender, the last of the cookbooks that didn't fit with the others, and a few other containers, even my big roasting pan.
That gorgeous weathered green and cream enamel counter does pull out. It has two notches I can pull it out a little bit or basically the whole way and it's still held by the brackets and can hold enough weight to roll out biscuits or whatever.

So, there's my kitchen, mostly redone. I still would love to get rid of the purple counters and put down a new floor, maybe black and white tiles.  But for now, I really am happy with my kitchen.