Then I realized all I had was a toiler paper pumpkin.

I've been looking at so many blogs these last couple of weeks. They all have their Fall decorations out and are so pretty. I decided to finally get my stuff out.  If you have been with my blog awhile, you know we lost all of our seasonal decorations including irreplaceable family heirlooms when we couldn't pay for our storage building rent last year.  Well, apparently the depression that threw me into prevented me from buying any fall decor last year, even when it went on clearance. (I get a leetle bit nutty when I'm having down days). All I could find in my house - even after gutting my master closet and totally reorganizing it - was one witch's cauldron plastic trick-or-treating bucket, pieces of a couple of too-small Halloween costumes and some orange and purple candle holders. Oh and the orange fabric-wrapped-toilet-paper-roll-pumpkin that Zoe made in school.

So, hopefully before it's all gone, I'm going to make a trip to Dollar Tree to at least get some pumpkins and fake leaves or something.  It sucks to have to start over completely with collecting decorations, but it'll be nice to have new things. I'm giving myself a $10 budget for Dollar Tree.  I saw another blogger did that and posted about it and it looked great.  I can't recall which blog now though :(

Fortunately looking for the stuff did make me have to clean out the master closet as I said.  Seriously you could not even walk into it, and it's a walk in closet. Granted, it's not a very big one, but you do need to take a couple steps anyway. I ended up throwing away a full big black trashbag full of garbage.  Mostly just boxes from things we'd bought and thought we might have to return... 3 years ago. I also put the luggage back nice and neat and collapsed all the foldable ones.  Now it's all taking up about a quarter of the space it did before. I found a couple of organizers I'd gotten for the laundry room and went and installed those. That was pretty nice to find.

I also now have two big trash bags full of give-away stuff. Best of all, I have a closet floor I can walk on.  Oh, and plenty of space for a tub to store Fall decorations - when I own some.