Not much to say, but checking in.

Hello all!  Not a lot to talk about around here these days. But I thought I'd ramble a bit.

Christopher did the 7 day detox that I had done last summer.  Our scales are broken, so we're not sure on the weight loss, but he lost 2.5 inches off his waist. I've been doing slim fasts.  I lost 1.5 inches at first, but it's gone back up a little.  3/4 inch net loss so far. I'm just so glad he's finally eating healthier.  He says he understands portion control now and no longer goes back for seconds and thirds. He's also sworn off caffeine and soda. In fact all he drinks anymore is water.  It's kind of weird.  I wish I could do that.  I am so addicted to my mugs of chai when I'm at work.  I don't know if I could switch to just water.  I do only use decaf chai now, but I use a lot of Splenda and of course the milk I add.  We switched to only skim milk now, so that helps some from the 2% we used to get. I've decided to try to stay off soda though.  He has challenged me to only order water when we go out to eat next. We'll see. I sure love my Diet Coke (though I hardly ever drink it at home).

I've totally gotten hooked on The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. They're a series of vlogs which are a modern take on Pride and Prejudice. It's weird I discovered it and got hooked only a couple days before P&P's 200th anniversary which was yesterday.  I really recommend giving them a look, . The story is also told though vlogs of her younger sister Lydia, and twitter messages between the characters.  That makes the story very organic and interactive and always ongoing. I also joined just as Lizzie is starting to fall for Darcy, which is the perfect time to jump in! I watches all the previous videos in a couple days. Also, to celebrate hte 200th anniversary, I watched the 2005 version of Pride & Prejudice last night.  The one with Keira Knightly and Matthew Macfadyen. Oh I could watch it over and over again.  Of course I REALLY love the Colin Firth one, but it's LOOOONG.

Watching all those Lizzie Bennet vlogs made me wonder if maybe I should do a vlog on here now and then. Then you'd all see how I really do just ramble LOL. I'm afraid I'm not the greatest thing to look at though haha. I don't have a webcam on this computer anyway, and no video editing program anyway.  So, I'd have to use Christopher's laptop and look into software I can get free.  We'll see.

I guess that's it for today.  Oh hey, check out this story: So great!  I hope she's being spoiled now!

Have a great day everyone!


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