Winter Storm Iago has hit, and boy did it hit hard and fast.

They kept saying it was coming and we'd get 6-12 inches here, but I just didn't believe it.

City schools here let out at noon.  They believed it was coming.  It was a good thing they did too.  My older kids get off the bus at 3:15 and youngest at 4:00.  This is how the afternoon went:

This one was taken when it started at 2:48pm:

Then this one was taken at 3:50pm!  We got all that in just one hour! 

We're a small southern rural town, so no money for salt and snow plows, so people have to just fend for themselves out there.  So glad my kids got home way before this was happening.  

This one was thane at 4:30:

My daughter Corina lives across town and thought she had more snow than us so she sent me a pic of her snow, one inch... HAH!  we had 3!   This was at 4:50

Then I took one more at 5:55pm:

It's over 6 inches now, but I've not taken any more pics. It's still snowing too.

This is a shot of a commuter route around 5pm in one of the bigger towns nearby:
 Thankfully none of us were out in that, but lots of friends on Facebook were.  So glad their schools let out early too!

Here's a shot taken of my home town today that I found on Facebook:

credit:  Sheldon Livesay

If you're in this storm as well,  please stay warm and be careful!  Stay off those roads!