Eventful Weekend and Power 90

Thursday night, Zoe came and told us she'd thrown up.  Christopher went to take care of it since I was at work.  She ended up throwing up 5 times over the night, so she stayed home Friday, but by the time I woke up Friday after lunchtime, she seemed to be feeling fine.

Friday, Christopher had the day off. He mowed the yard and dumped the trash that had piled up on the back porch, then he and I were playing cards relaxing in the afternoon. The teens would be home late.  Rhiannon needed picked up around 7:30 after her trip to State Chorus Festival. Faelyn was being picked from school by Rural Resources which is the program to teach kids about farming (when they don't actually live on a farm - that does happen even in rural Tennessee). She was going to go work on casseroles her group makes with only locally grown ingredients and then sells to the public. Then Christopher's mom showed up around 4:30pm.  She was waiting on Faelyn to get home so she could take her to her house to help around the house. After 5pm, we got a call from Faelyn that the Rural Resources was having their 30th anniversary party and we should come out and have some free food and buy a casserole and see the farm. So, we took my MIL and Zoe and called Corina and had her and her room mate come out to join us.  We had a great time.  Such great food,  good music and family. Rhiannon called to be picked up around 8pm, so we went to get her and then headed home with the whole family. MIL and Faelyn left for MIL's house, and Rhiannon's boyfriend Chris came over to hang out with her and play video games. Christopher and I resumed our card playing and looked forward to a peaceful evening and date night... right in the middle of a game, he lays his cards down and says, "I think you need to take me to the hospital."

I immediately had my purse and keys and was walking him out the door.  Absentmindedly, I asked Rhiannon and Chris to watch Zoe (who had fallen asleep) and told her I'd let her know what was happening. By the time we got to the ER he was shaking and his teeth were chattering.  His left arm was weak and he had numbness in his neck heading up his face. They finally called for him and we were put into a room. When they saw his history, there was suddenly lots of activity. I was expecting the worse, but when they got his heart monitor hooked up, it looked fine. No heart attack.

We did think maybe it was a food allergy.  Turns out he had a cupcake at the party that would have had black walnuts in it which he's allergic to. But it had been hours since he ate it.  This was at 11pm now. So, more tests were done, a CAT scan, blood gases, etc. Finally they decided to admit him for observation. They took good care of him, but it was clear no one knew what was really wrong with him.

I texted Corina and she came over to see him in the ER, and she had called my MIL who decided to come over too. She left Faelyn home with my FIL. I sent Corina to our place to watch the girls.  MIL staying in ER with us til he got a room then headed back to our house to spend the night.  It was around 3am then. I waited til he got his room and I went home to get more clothes and his CPAP machine. Then headed back for the night. The chairs there for guests do recline, but are so so uncomfortable.  I didn't really get any sleep, and the window had a draft so I was freezing.

Thankfully MIL had stayed at our place, so she took Rhiannon to Applebees for the chorus pancake breakfast. Then she took Zoe with her and had pancakes.  I'd bought tickets for it, but I didn't want to leave Christopher in case the Dr came by - I had missed the Dr when I went home to get the CPAP.  They came over to see Christopher in his room for a while then headed back to MIL's house and she took Zoe with her. 

Rhiannon was picked up from Applebees by her boyfriend then they came to see him too. She had another chorus practice after noon he would take her too then they were going to hang out for the afternoon, so I didn't have to worry about anything or anyone but my husband.  That was nice.

We spent the day talking and watching TV and waiting for the Dr. Corina came over to see him after lunch and was lucky enough to be there when the cardiologist came in.  The Dr for the ward had asked for the cardiologist be called in just in case.  He was a great Dr and if C didn't already have a cardiologist, I'd vote for this guy.  Loved him. He made sure he had the whole history straight, and liked to tell stories to try to see how things happened and what causes might have been. The final diagnosis was a TIA, See This Link.

That was scary to hear.  He's already taking all the medications that would be prescribed AFTER having a TIA. So... what now?  Lose the weight.  That seemed to be the only real factor here that was in anyone's control.  He *could* be put on Coumadin, but that can be dangerous.  So, we both agreed right then and there, things HAD to change.

He was finally released and we headed home to finally relax and rest. He had to work 12 hours today - refused to ask off for another day.  He felt bad enough getting out of work to be in the hospital. I ended up sleeping 16 hours. I guess I really needed it.  It had been so hard to sleep in that chair, I was basically running on 30 hours with no sleep by the time I got to bed Saturday night.

Today, I ordered Power 90 from my husband's brother in law. He's a coach for Beachbody and has had amazing results and is such an inspiration. This is his before and after page: http://dream-2-reality.com/chris-garrett-power-90-p90x-results/ . I also started using MyFitnessPal.com again. I used to use it, but quit after a while. I called C at work and told him to get a new battery for the bathroom scales. We had to know how bad things were for us both... he'd been weighed at the hospital, but I needed to know too. Oh it was a shock when he got home and I got the scales working. I weigh 253 lbs. That is more than I have ever weighed and is actually about 20 lbs MORE than I thought I weighed! 

The package should be here this week sometime and we're starting it immediately.  I know it will be so hard but I can't wait really.  I love how it's so structured and there is a plan for each day.  It tells you what to do. That's what we need.

Tomorrow we are going grocery shopping. Back to salad stuff and fish and chicken. We are going to get healthy, even if we're miserable doing it.  This is too important to put off any longer.

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