Prom 2013

I am hoping to get back to blogging regularly again.  My camera I had been using finally totally died, but after this past weekend I think my phone's camera will do ok for now.

Rhiannon and Faelyn both went to the prom this past Saturday.  Rhiannon and her boyfriend are both Juniors, and while Faelyn is only a Freshman, her boyfriend is a Senior. Unless they have different dates next year, this will be the only prom they attend together.

So, now, here are the photos!  Rhiannon is the brunette in yellow and Faelyn is the blonde in the sparkly dress.  We went to the mall in the big town half an hour away to get their hair done by the lady who does mine.  I knew she could tame Faelyn's frizz.

She looks like Grumpy Cat, am I right?
She has gorgeous long curls here, but she wanted them pinned up underneath.

Hard to believe they're old enough to go to the Prom. Some days, I can't wait to finally be able to use one their bedrooms as an actual office...  but I know I'm gonna miss this.