Tweaking Kids's Chores - Again

The kids chores charts I'd done a while back and put into frames in the kitchen seem to have run their course.

The kids completely ignore them now and I usually get too distracted to remind them or nag them, and they know they can get away with not doing them.

So I have gone back to just hand writing daily chores on these:

They did everything I'd written on them today - which is more than they'd done in 2 weeks.

Our dishwasher is not getting anything clean, so we've stopped using it and have gone back to washing them by hand. I actually like washing dishes, but my back ends up spasming and I have to go lay down, so I have got to get the girls to wash them every night after dinner. Hopefully it will work out.

Today before my back got too bad, I did a drainer full from last night (no one did them at all yesterday), then washed off the stove and counters, and decided the microwave HAD to be cleaned.  It was so gross.  I LOVE Greased Lightning! That stuff got it all clean. I rearranged a few things, making smaller appliances easier to get to. Then I dismantled the Spring/Easter kitchen table setting and centerpiece and put my old vintage tablecloth on it with some colored glass pieces and my spring colored teapot, creamer and sugar bowl.

I need to wash down the cupboard doors.  White gets so dirty so fast.  I also need to wash the yellow walls around the trashcan, ew!

I do have lots more to talk about, so hopefully I'll make time to post over the next few days and get back into the habit.