6-Day Fat Burn Express DONE!

I had planned on blogging about each day, and even posting photos of some of the meals... but life happens, and unfortunately I just don't get time or think to blog about it like I used to.

Regardless, WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!  Christopher and I both did all 6 days of workouts and stuck to the diet. There was one day that he was stuck at work and got the shakes, so he grabbed a burger, so that was his one cheat.  Mine was today. I had a vanilla chai latte from Dunkin Donuts.  I had a really emotional day and couldn't stop crying - I'm ok, it was just a series of bad stuff going on and hormones not helping.  Crying helped, but I felt down til I finally got to work out.  Then I was stoked because we'd finally finished the 6-day program. :) That latte was the only thing other than water and a few cups of chamomile tea that I'd had to drink all week. Now I always have a water bottle close by.

I know my last post was about how Christopher didn't want to commit to this and wouldn't workout with me... but I was being a bit too controlling (go figure).. and I was really surprised at how things actually went down.  The next morning after my post, (he had the day off),  he made a grocery list of everything we would need to make the meals for 2 people for all 6 days. It was quite a hit to our grocery budget - and then some-, but he reminded me that we used to spend way more than that on junk food and fried foods etc. He's right. So, we got it all home - I have never seen so much green stuff in my fridge before! He immediately got to work on prepping stuff for the first day's meals. If he had time, he'd prep and cook meals, and for the days he was at work 10-10, I'd fix all of his meals in the morning after work, and pack them for him. He and I haven't worked so well together as a team in a really long time. I think this ended up being GOOD for our marriage! This was something we did together and we supported each other the whole way. It was a really good week. I hope the next 90+ days keep us as strong a team. It'll sure be a test.

We don't really have room in the budget for Mother's Day, which is Okay.  I have plenty of projects I need to do or finish around the house that I'd rather spend money on anyway (if we had extra at least).  But I did buy myself a yoga mat which was on sale at Kmart. I never in a million years would have thought I would ever buy a yoga mat LOL! I've watched part of the Power 90 DVD and know that there's quite a bit of power yoga in it, and my knees on that hardwood floor are not happy campers. It's going to be a long time before I'm able to do some of those moves well or even correctly, but I'll work at them every time.

We're both really excited to start Power 90 on Monday. We've both lost a few pounds, and an inch here or there, but also I have noticed some real muscle gain.  Even in places I never expected to.  Like my forearms and my shoulders.  It's weird. My arms and back definitely feel a lot stronger than before. And it was only the 6-day fat burn DVD! I can only imagine what Power 90 will do!

A lot of people have asked if we're going to do P90X too.  Over the last few years I heard people talk about that program as if it was only something athletes or crazy people would attempt. I really hope that after 90 days of Power 90 that we'll be in the shape we need to be in to do P90x.  I would love to say, YES I DID IT!  I'll feel that proud after doing Power 90 too, but P90X has that name recognition.

Tomorrow is the high school chorus picnic. While I'm not on the Fat Burn diet anymore, I still don't plan on eating unhealthy. I do look forward to a nice grilled burger though.  I may just skip the potato salad.

Happy Mother's day to all!