First day of the SWEAT cardio and Pita Pizzas!

Today was Day 2 of Power 90.  I am SO GLAD we did the 6 day fat burn first.  It was so much easier than this workout.  I think if we did this one first, we'd have given in the towel. But we know it will get easier. My second day of cardio on the 6-day fat burn was SO much better than the first day. So, we're sticking it out and doing it, no matter how sore we are.  Poor Christopher could barely move when he went to bed, and he has to help unload a truck tomorrow.

Tonight for the family's dinner and my lunch, we had Power Pita Pizzas, straight from the power 90 meal planner booklet. You slice one pita in half along the edges so it becomes two pizza rounds. Stick them in the oven for one minute at 350 to toast a little. Each round gets 1/4 cup sauce (we used our fave cheap Hunt's canned spaghetti sauce, the Four Cheese.)  Then add grilled (or baked which is what I did) chicken pieces or other lean protein.  Faelyn actually put shrimp on hers. Weird. Then chopped veggies, like we had green bell pepper, spinach, broccoli, mushrooms, pineapple (Zoe had a Hawaiian pizza). Then low fat mozzarella cheese.  We found a low fat pizza blend and used it.

I was leery about broccoli on a pizza, but with the cheese it was so yummy! I used more cheese than I normally would, but decided I could have it because I'd not had a mid morning snack and had room for a few more calories. I had a rough workout afterall! I won't be adding extra cheese or anything like that any more this week.  one time thing.

No more weight loss this morning, but I hadn't gained. I know I've lost 11 lbs (well according to our cheap scales), and I can feel a difference, I still don't really see a difference. I put on the same tank top I'd taken our first "Before" photos in, and I look exactly the same to me.  So, where did the 11lbs come from? Have you seen 11 lbs of meat?  It's a LOT.  I guess it was just in the inch or so I'd lost here and there. I hate being so big that I can lose that much and not see it. Looking forward to seeing the lbs drop more and seeing a change!